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Parallel Sysplex Aggregation

IBM allows monthly license charge software licenses to be aggregated across a qualified Parallel Sysplex when certain criteria are met.

To qualify, machines must comply with the criteria in each of the following four categories: hardware, software, operation and verification. Machines that meet all of the criteria are known as 'actively coupled'. Please use the navigation links above to access the details for each of these categories.

On 19 September 2017 the Sysplex Calculator (PLEXCALC) tool was revised. Any customers who have previously downloaded the calculator should be sure to download the updated release. The "Release date" stated in the PlexCalc report is 2 August 2017.

On 19 September 2005 IBM announced some new information and updated tooling related to Parallel Sysplex Aggregation:

Once you build a qualified Parallel Sysplex, to qualify for aggregation benefits you must elect the same aggregation-capable pricing metric for all machines in the qualified Parallel Sysplex (i.e., Workload License Charges or Parallel Sysplex License Charges).

You can find additional information about the technical aspects of Parallel Sysplex in the following locations:

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