Sub-Capacity pricing for z/VM

Sub-capacity pricing for software running in the z/VM operating environment is available to clients running z/VM Version 6 Release 3 or higher on a supported machine. For information about how z/VM is licensed in a Full Capacity environment, please see the z/VM web page. Software pricing at less than full machine capacity can provide more flexibility and improved cost of computing as a client manages the volatility and growth of new workloads.

Through the implementation of Sub-Capacity pricing for select z/VM programs, clients can:

Requirements for Sub-Capacity pricing for z/VM

Sub-Capacity pricing for z/VM requires clients to run the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) in conjunction with the z/VM Hypervisor Proxy for ILMT to determine z/VM sub-capacity program licensing requirements. ILMT is the same tool that is used to support sub-capacity pricing for Linux on z Systems programs from IBM that are licensed under Passport Advantage. See below for more information about the z/VM Hypervisor Proxy for ILMT and how to download a copy of the tool and the user guide.

The quantity of each z/VM program license needed to satisfy applicable IBM terms and conditions is referred to as the “required license capacity.” The quantity of each z/VM program that you have acquired is referred to as “entitled license capacity.” If your required license capacity exceeds your entitled license capacity, you must promptly place an order for additional license capacity for that program to meet or exceed the required license capacity.

Each sub-capacity eligible z/VM program will be licensed according to either terms applying to the z/VM hypervisor and its features, or z/VM-Based terms, as determined by IBM. For a list of the specific z/VM programs eligible for sub-capacity pricing, refer to the IPLA z/VM-Based web page.

Each month you must run ILMT to prepare ILMT reports containing z/VM program usage information for every machine running z/VM, and keep these reports on file for presentation to IBM upon request.

Each month you must determine from the ILMT report if any additional program license entitlements are required, and if so you must promptly place an order for that additional required license entitlement. To determine the number of entitlements required, see the Virtualization Capacity License Counting Rules website.

Licensing for z/VM programs with Sub-Capacity

z/VM and most z/VM systems management software programs are z Systems IPLA products whose licensing is based upon the number of Engines (also sometimes referred to as Processors). The Value Unit Exhibit for z/VM is VUE021.

z/VM is able to run on z Systems general purpose processors (often called Central Processor engines or CPs). z/VM is also allowed to run on Integrated Facility for Linux engines (often called IFLs) but only when running Linux or Open Solaris workloads. When counting the number of engines which must be licensed the two different types of engines, CPs and IFLs, are counted independently.

When a customer qualifies for Sub-Capacity pricing for z/VM and z/VM-Based programs, the maximum license requirement rules for a software program are:

z/VM Engine Counting Examples

Example 1 – Simple Full Capacity Environment

Example 1 image, see text for description.

Example 2a – Full Capacity Linux Environment with non-VM workload

Example 2a image, see text for description.

Example 2b – Sub-Capacity Linux Environment with non-VM workload

Example 2b image, see text for description.

Example 3a – Sub-Capacity Linux Environment with license capping

’Example 3a image, see text for description.

Example 3b – Sub-Capacity Linux Environment with 2 engine workload growth

’Example 3b image, see text for description.

Example 3c – Sub-Capacity Linux Environment with both shared and dedicated engines

’Example 3c image, see text for description.

z/VM Hypervisor Proxy for ILMT

Prior to using ILMT in support of z/VM sub-capacity you must install and configure the z/VM Hypervisor Proxy for ILMT in a Linux virtual machine in each logical partition (LPAR) running z/VM. The Proxy is required in order to provide z/VM configuration information to the ILMT agent. In order to function correctly, the Linux guest running the z/VM Hypervisor Proxy must be defined with the maximum possible number of virtual engines, currently that is 64. The ILMT Agent and z/VM Hypervisor Proxy are only active infrequently and should not impact the workload of the other z/VM guests in the LPAR when properly configured. Installation instructions for the z/VM Hypervisor Proxy are available in the Users Guide, see the link below.

The ILMT Server has to be installed only once per enterprise. It is the server that collects all the information being sent to it from all of the client's machines, which must be running the ILMT Agent, and in this case, clients also must run the z/VM Hypervisor Proxy. The ILMT server is supported on Linux and on Microsoft Windows. ILMT and instructions for its ordering and installation and use are available from the IBM License Metric Tool information website.

Prior to downloading the Proxy, you will be required to obtain an IBM ID (formerly known as an IBM Registration ID). As part of the IBM ID registration process you will be asked to provide your e-mail address and company name. (This is the same ID as existing z/OS sub-capacity customers use to download SCRT.)

The following deliverables are available for download from this website:

z/VM Sub-Capacity Pricing terms require that you always use the most current version of the Proxy. Please note that only the most current version and release are available for download from the website.

z/VM News

On 17 July 2017 IBM announced Sub-capacity pricing terms for z/VM and z/VM-Based programs.