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Sub-Capacity for z/OS

When you are running z/OS in 64-bit mode and are no longer running OS/390 on your z Systems server, you have the option to pay the charges for your eligible software on a sub-capacity basis. The Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) is the program which processes SMF 70 and SMF 89 records created by z/OS to produce a report showing LPAR utilization figures which are used to set the software charges.

Sub-capacity pricing is based on the four-hour rolling average utilization of the z/OS LPARs observed within a one month reporting period. The reporting periods run from 00:00 on the second calendar day of the month through midnight (23:59) on the first calendar day of the following month.

When a z/OS machine has Sub-Capacity charges, and a version to version z/OS migration is taking place, and if IBM has determined that the migration is eligible for the Migration Pricing Option (MPO), then charges for the previous version are waived and the new version is charged at the combined concurrent peak MSUs for all versions of z/OS reported on the customer's Sub-Capacity Report for that month.

On 14 February 2017 IBM announced Multi-Version Measurement (MVM) replaces Single Version Charging (SVC) for eligible z/OS and z/VSE software programs. MVM also replaces the Migration Pricing Option (MPO) and the IPLA Migration Grace Period.

Enhancements to Sub-Capacity for z/OS

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