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Sub-Capacity Corner

To obtain Sub-Capacity pricing for your eligible z Systems software products, you must officially submit your Sub-Capacity Report(s) to IBM each month.

Unless you have been informed otherwise, all Sub-Capacity customers in countries where the License Management Support (LMS) application has been implemented must use LMS to submit your sub-capacity reports to IBM. You may choose either of the following methods to send your sub-capacity report to LMS:

In countries or regions where LMS has not yet been implemented customers may continue to use their current submission process until notified by IBM that they must migrate to LMS.

Getting Access to the LMS Data Submission Application

Before Sub-Capacity Reports can be submitted via LMS each customer must have a no-charge IBM ID (formerly known as an IBM Registration ID), and that ID must be authorized to use the LMS Data Submission application to submit Sub-Capacity Reports. For LMS authorization to submit Sub-Capacity Reports, do the following:

  1. If you do not have one, Request an IBM ID. Your IBM ID must be the same as your e-mail id.
  2. Download the LMS Data Submission Authorization Request form (DOC, 54KB)
    Get Microsoft® Word viewer
  3. Complete the LMS Data Submission Authorization Request form, attach to an e-mail and forward to your manager for approval and submission. (You will need to specify your 2-character or 3-digit Country Code on the form. You can find it listed in the "Country Code" column of the Country information page.)
  4. Your manager should forward the completed LMS Data Submission Authorization Request form to the appropriate IBM regional e-mail address, listed in the "LMS Authorization Request e-mail ID" column of the Country information page. Your manager's e-mail will indicate that you are authorized to submit SCRT reports for your organization.
  5. IBM will process the LMS Data Submission Authorization Request form and send an automated "Access granted" confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address shown in your IBM ID. A copy of the "Access granted" e-mail will also be sent to your manager. This process may take several days, please leave enough time prior to the monthly deadline if a new person needs to submit a Sub-Capacity Report.
  6. Once you have received this "Access granted" e-mail, you will be able to access the LMS Data Submission application to submit Sub-Capacity Reports. You will automatically be subscribed to receive emails from IBM about planned changes to SCRT, new versions of SCRT, and other news related to Sub-Capacity software pricing from IBM.
  7. Optionally, anyone else in your organization who is not authorized to submit Sub-Capacity Reports, but who would like to be informed about planned changes to SCRT, may subscribe to SCRT news updates using the Email Subscription function of IBM’s LMS website. The Email Subscription function does not require any authorization. Instructions for subscribing and managing of subscriptions are available on the web (PDF, 474KB).

Reporting a Problem with LMS or the LMS website

To report an LMS outage or to obtain LMS application support, please contact the LMS Support team by phone (+44 2392 28 98 80) or e-mail (

Submitting Sub-Capacity Reports via LMS

Submission of SCRT reports via the LMS Web interface is accomplished through the LMS application website. The LMS Web interface enables you to upload and submit your SCRT report ".csv" file, or to correct and submit a held subcapacity report that you previously sent via the LMS e-mail submission process. The LMS Data Submission panel lets you choose the LMS operation you wish to perform. You can view and, if necessary, modify uploaded reports, upload newly-created reports, or look at archived reports that you have previously submitted. Please see the SCRT Users Guide (PDF, 2.7MB) for more information.

Submission of SCRT reports via the LMS eMail interface is accomplished by sending your SCRT report ".csv" file as an e-mail attachment to LMS, where it will be received, validated, and either automatically submitted to IBM or held for corrections. To use LMS eMail submission, send an e-mail containing your subcapacity report to the appropriate IBM regional e-mail address listed in the "SCRT Submission e-mail ID" column of the Country information page. You must send your report from the same e-mail address that you used for your IBM Registration ID, and you must include an appropriate processing parameter in the subject line of your e-mail to indicate how you want your subcapacity report to be processed. Please see the SCRT Users Guide (PDF, 2.7MB) for more information.

LMS will send a notification back to the IBM Registration ID that sent the subcapacity report. The notification will indicate whether any corrections are needed or if the report is ready for further processing in LMS Web. Any e-mail addresses that were copied on the distribution list of the original LMS eMail submission will also receive a copy of the notification from LMS.

If the LMS notification indicates that corrections are needed, use the Data Submission function in the LMS Web interface, as described in the SCRT Users Guide (PDF, 2.7MB) to make corrections and complete the submission of the subcapacity report for any systems that are not in Submitted status.

When the subcapacity report has been successfully submitted - either automatically or upon correction and submission - LMS sends a confirmation receipt to the e-mail address of the IBM Registration ID that submitted the report.

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