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SCRT Guidance

To install and use SCRT, read the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool User Guide (PDF, 4.84MB) to learn about installing the SCRT, collecting the correct SMF and SCRT89 records, creating the correct input datasets, running the SCRT, interpreting the Sub-Capacity Report or Multiplex Report, and submitting the reports to IBM.

Customers should read “Chapter 3. Using the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool” if they will use any SCRT V23 releases lower than release 10. The “classic” SCRT releases lower than 10 will only generate Sub-Capacity Reports, not Multiplex Reports, and do not support Mobile Workload Pricing (MWP) or z Collocated Application Pricing (zCAP).

Customers should read “Appendix D. Introducing SCRT V23.10.0” if they will use any SCRT V23 releases 10 or higher. The Java SCRT releases 10 or higher will generate both Sub-Capacity Reports or Multiplex Reports, with full support of Mobile Workload Pricing (MWP) and z Collocated Application Pricing (zCAP).

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