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Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT)

The Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT) allows you to generate Sub-Capacity reports. You must submit your Sub-Capacity report(s) to IBM each month in order to qualify for sub-capacity Advanced Workload License Charges, sub-capacity Advanced Entry Workload License Charges, sub-capacity Workload License Charges, sub-capacity Entry Workload License Charges, sub-capacity charging for select IPLA products on z/OS, sub-capacity System z New Application License Charges, and/or sub-capacity Midrange Workload License Charges.

Prior to downloading SCRT, you will be required to obtain an IBM ID (formerly known as an IBM Registration ID). As part of the IBM ID registration process you will be asked to provide your e-mail address and company name.

If you would like to be informed about planned changes to SCRT, new versions of SCRT, and other news related to Sub-Capacity software pricing from IBM then you will need to subscribe to SCRT news updates using the Email Subscription function of IBM’s LMS website. No special authorization is necessary for the Email Subscription function. Instructions for subscribing and managing your subscriptions are available on the web (PDF, 474KB).

Effective immediately, only the following deliverables will be available for download from this website:

Please note that only SCRT V23.1.0 or higher reports will be accepted by IBM. IBM's policy requires you to always use the most current Version of SCRT. However, IBM does not require a specific Release level. Therefore, you may select the appropriate release within the current version for your environment. Please note that only the most current version and release are available for download from the website. Check the 'what's new' page to see the features listed by version and release.

Please see the Sub-Capacity for z/TPF page for additional information unique to z/TPF customers.

Please see the Sub-Capacity for z/VSE page for additional information unique to z/VSE customers.

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