IBM z Systems Software Contracts

Sub-Cap MLC

The following is a list of Monthly License Charge (MLC) programs which qualify for sub-capacity pricing using one or more of these price metrics:

Last Updated on March 10, 2016

Sub-Capacity Eligible CMLC / AWLC / AEWLC / VWLC / EWLC Programs

Program ID Program Name SMF89?/
CMP Program Family
5694A01 z/OS V1 yes z/OS
5650ZOS z/OS V2 yes z/OS
5655G52 z/OS.e V1 (only EWLC is available) yes n/a
5655018 CICS/ESA V4 yes CICS
5655147 CICS TS for OS/390 yes CICS
5697E93 CICS TS for z/OS V2 yes CICS
5655M15 CICS TS for z/OS V3 yes CICS
5655S97 CICS TS for z/OS V4 yes CICS
5655Y04 CICS TS for z/OS V5 yes CICS
5695DB2 DB2 for MVS/ESA V4 yes DB2 for z/OS
5655DB2 DB2 for OS/390 V5 yes DB2 for z/OS
5645DB2 DB2 UDB for OS/390 V6 yes DB2 for z/OS
5675DB2 DB2 UDB for OS/390 V7 yes DB2 for z/OS
5625DB2 DB2 UDB for z/OS V8 yes DB2 for z/OS
5635DB2 DB2 V9 for z/OS yes DB2 for z/OS
5605DB2 DB2 10 for z/OS yes DB2 for z/OS
5615DB2 DB2 11 for z/OS yes DB2 for z/OS
5650DB2 DB2 12 for z/OS yes DB2 for z/OS
5695176 IMS V5 yes IMS
5655158 IMS V6 yes IMS
5655B01 IMS V7 yes IMS
5655C56 IMS V8 yes IMS
5655J38 IMS V9 yes IMS
5635A01 IMS V10 yes IMS
5635A02 IMS V11 yes IMS
5635A03 IMS V12 yes IMS
5635A04 IMS V13 yes IMS
5635A05 IMS V14 yes IMS
5695137 MQSeries for MVS/ESA yes MQ for z/OS
5655A95 MQSeries for OS/390 V2 yes MQ for z/OS
5655F10 WebSphere MQ for z/OS V5 yes MQ for z/OS
5655L82 WebSphere MQ for z/OS V6 yes MQ for z/OS
5655R36 WebSphere MQ for z/OS V7 yes MQ for z/OS
5655W97 IBM MQ for z/OS V8 yes MQ for z/OS
5655H32 Debug Tool for z/OS & OS/390 yes Debug
5655L24 Debug Tool for z/OS V4 yes Debug
5655M18 Debug Tool for z/OS V5 yes Debug
5655P14 Debug Tool for z/OS V6 yes Debug
5655R44 Debug Tool for z/OS V7 yes Debug
5655S17 Debug Tool for z/OS V8 yes Debug
5648A25 COBOL for OS/390 & VM V2 no COBOL
5655G53 Enterprise COBOL for z/OS and OS/390 V3 no COBOL
5655S71 Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V4 no COBOL
5655W32 Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V5 yes COBOL
5655EC6 Enterprise COBOL for z/OS V6 yes COBOL
5655B22 Visual Age PL/I for OS/390 no PL/I
5655H31 Enterprise PL/I for z/OS and OS/390 V3 no PL/I
5655W67 Enterprise PL/I for z/OS V4 no PL/I
5645005 System Automation for OS/390 no System Automation
5645006 System Automation for OS/390 V2 no System Automation
5697B82 Tivoli NetView for OS/390 no NetView
5697ENV Tivoli NetView for z/OS V5 no NetView
5697NV6 Tivoli NetView for z/OS V6 no NetView
5697MQZ WebSphere MQ Extended Security Ed for z/OS V5 yes^ n/a
5697NQZ WebSphere MQ Extended Security Ed for z/OS V6 yes^^ n/a
5697OPC Tivoli OPC V2 no n/a
5697WSZ Tivoli Workload Scheduler for z/OS V8 no n/a
5655043 Tivoli Netview PM no n/a
5655B86 Lotus Domino for S/390 V5 no Lotus Domino
5655K36 Lotus Domino for z/OS V6 yes Lotus Domino
5655N14 Lotus Domino for z/OS V7 yes Lotus Domino
5655S73 Lotus Domino for z/OS V8 yes Lotus Domino
5655P97 z/OS Encryption Facility for z/OS V1 yes n/a
5706254 QMF MVS V3 no n/a
5695068 Airline Control System V2 yes n/a
5748T15 z/TPF V1 yes+ n/a
5748F15 z/TPFDF V1 yes+ n/a

Last Updated on November 10, 2015

Sub-Capacity Eligible AEWLC / MWLC Programs

Program ID Program Name SMF89?/
5686VS6 z/VSE V6 yes++
5686CF9 VSE Central Functions V9 (z/VSE V5) yes++
5686CF8 VSE Central Functions V8 (z/VSE V4) yes++
5655VSE CICS TS for z/VSE V2 yes++
5648054 CICS TS for VSE/ESA V1 yes++
5648099 DITTO/ESA FOR VSE no
5686CS1 TCP/IP for z/VSE V2 no
5686A04 TCP/IP for VSE V1 no
5686065 ACF/VTAM V4 VSE yes++
5686068 IBM COBOL VSE/ESA no
5648F66 Rational COBOL Runtime for z/VSE V7 no
5696234 High Lvl Assembler VSE no
5697F42 DB2 Server for VSE&VM no
5686A06 MQSeries for VSE/ESA V2 no
5655U97 WebSphere MQ for z/VSE V3 no
5746XX1 DL/I Data Language no
5686A01 C/VSE no
5686069 IBM PL/I VSE/ESA no
5686BS1 IPv6/VSE V1 no

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