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IPLA Sub-Cap Overview

This website contains the list of sub-capacity eligible System z IPLA programs. Each eligible program is grouped into one of three categories, Execution-Based, Reference-Based or z/OS-Based. The applicable type of sub-capacity terms per System z IPLA program is determined solely by IBM. Subsequent System z IPLA sub-capacity program announcements will indicate the type of sub-capacity terms, if applicable. Only one type of sub-capacity terms may apply per program.

For a complete listing of the eligible System z IPLA programs and their type of sub-capacity terms, use the tabs at the top of this page. Sub-Capacity terms on System z IPLA are only available to customers who qualify and implement Sub-Capacity for their respective MLC software and comply with all other IBM Terms and Conditions.

Sub-Capacity Eligibility

To be eligible for sub-capacity charging on select System z IPLA programs, you must first implement and comply with all terms of either sub-capacity Advanced Workload License Charges (AWLC), sub-capacity Advanced Entry Workload License Charges (AEWLC), sub-capacity Workload License Charges (WLC), sub-capacity Entry Workload License Charges (EWLC) or sub-capacity System z New Workload License Charges (zNALC). To implement sub-capacity AWLC, AEWLC, WLC, EWLC or zNALC, a machine must be System z (or equivalent). On that machine:

For that machine, you must create and submit a Sub-Capacity Report to IBM each month. Sub-Capacity Reports must be generated using the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT). For additional information or to obtain a copy of SCRT, visit the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool Web site.

You must comply with all of the terms of the AWLC, AEWLC, WLC, EWLC or zNALC offering, whichever is applicable:

Additionally, you must sign and comply with the terms and conditions specified in the amendment to the IPLA contract – 'Amendment for IBM System z Programs Sub-Capacity Pricing (Z125-6929-02 or higher)'. Once the amendment is signed, the terms in the amendment replace any and all previous System z IPLA sub-capacity terms and conditions.

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Operating Systems

IBM System z supports multiple operation systems:


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