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For z/OS V1 customers migrating to z/OS V2, IBM has introduced a new option called the Migration Pricing Option (MPO). The MPO provides an up to 24 month migration period where Sub-Capacity customers pay for z/OS V2 at the combined MSU value of z/OS V1 and z/OS V2. Full capacity customers pay for z/OS V2 only. All customers are eligible from the day they license z/OS Version 2 for up to 24 months MPO while actively migrating.

If a System z machine (or equivalent) has z/OS V1 (5694-A01) or z/OS V2 (5650-ZOS) licensed with Advanced Workload License Charges (AWLC), Advanced Entry Workload License Charges (AEWLC), Workload License Charges (WLC) or Entry Workload License Charges (EWLC) then OS/390 may be licensed on that machine at no charge. (Note: Full-Capacity pricing would apply.)

Announcement Letters
 July 2015
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 April 2015
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January 2015
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May 2014
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July 2013
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October 2012
Additional Information: Technology Update Pricing for AWLC for z/TPF Read US
August 2012
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July 2011
Advanced Entry Workload License Charges (AEWLC) for the z114 Read US
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January 2011
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July 2010
Advanced Workload License Charges (AWLC) for the z196 Read US
The IBM zEnterprise System and the z196 server Read US
January 2007
System z New Application License Charges (zNALC) for z/OS Read US (PDF, 22.6KB)
Read EMEA (PDF, 18KB)
Read AP (PDF, 47.6KB)
Midrange Workload License Charges (MWLC) for z/VSE V4 Read US (PDF, 18.8KB)
Read EMEA (PDF, 15.4KB)
Read AP (PDF, 32.4KB)
July 2006
Processor Value Unit licensing for IBM middleware software available in Passport Advantage Read US (PDF, 32.9KB)
April 2006
Software pricing terms and conditions for IBM System z9 Business Class Read US (PDF, 84.9KB)
Read EMEA (PDF, 33.9KB)
Read AP (PDF, 133KB)
September 2005
Software withdrawal: Entry Support License (ESL) option for mainframe platform Read US (PDF, 82.9KB)
Read AP
July 2005
New usage pricing for IBM WebSphere MQ for zSeries systems Read US (PDF, 31.6KB)
March 2005
Revised business rules for zSeries software Read US (PDF, 10.5KB)
February 2005
zSeries Products Acquired from Candle Deliver Solution-Oriented Offerings; Now Available through Standard IBM Licensing and Pricing Read US (PDF, 101KB)
November 2004
Restatement of Parallel Sysplex Pricing Read US (PDF, 14.9KB)
Read EMEA (PDF, 12.9KB)
Read AP
September 2004 
Software withdrawal: Selected Tivoli z/OS MLC products - OTC Replacements available Read US (PDF, 8.4KB)
Read AP
August 2004
Sub-capacity Pricing for Select IBM zSeries IPLA Programs Helps Improve Flexibility and Price/Performance Read US (PDF, 49.7KB)
Read EMEA (PDF, 46.9KB)
Read AP
April 2004
EWLC Tiered Price Structure and zELC Pricing for z890 Read US (PDF, 319KB)
Read EMEA (PDF, 20.1KB)
z/VM Version 5 Release 1 Read US (PDF, 201KB)
Read EMEA (PDF, 59.7KB)
January 2004
Price Changes: IBM IPLA Software for On/Off Capacity on Demand on z990 Read US (PDF, 24.5KB)
September 2003
Sub-Capacity Charging for Select WebSphere Products on z/OS Read US (PDF, 17.3KB)
Read EMEA (PDF, 16.8KB)
Read AP (PDF, 12.5KB)
Price Changes: IBM z/OS V1 New Application License Charges and Variable Workload License Charges Read US (PDF, 11.7KB)
Entry Workload License Charges (EWLC) for z800 Servers Read US (PDF, 124KB)
Read EMEA (PDF, 36.1KB)
Read AP (PDF, 26.4KB)
August 2003
Value Unit pricing available for selected IBM eServer zSeries and S/390 software programs under Entitled Software Ordering Read (PDF, 70KB)
IBM software On/Off Capacity on Demand for IBM eServer zSeries, iSeries, and pSeries Read (PDF, 57.6KB)
May 2003
Software Pricing for IBM eServer zSeries z990 and Enhancements to Variable Workload License Charges Read (PDF, 27.1KB)
April 2003
Value Unit Pricing and an Entry WebSphere Application Server for z/OS V5 Read (PDF, 49.5KB)
March 2003
New and Clarified Terms and Conditions for S/390 and zSeries Software Read (PDF, 15.1KB)
December 2002
zELC Software Pricing for New IBM z800 Model 0X2 Read (PDF, 107KB)
November 2002
IBM Tivoli License Manager V1.1 Manages Software Usage to Help Ensure License Compliance Read (PDF, 32KB)
October 2002
zELC Software Pricing for New IBM z800 Model 0E1 Read (PDF, 76.3KB)
September 2002
New Price Levels for IBM z/OS V1 with Variable Workload License Charges Read (PDF, 20.4KB)
April 2002
Changes to Workload License Charges Give Customers Additional Pricing Options Read (PDF, 76.6KB)
February 2002
Software Charging for the IBM eServer zSeries 800 Family of Servers Read (PDF, 227KB)
z/OS.e Announcement Read (PDF, 82.1KB)
September 2001
Availability of zSeries Software Charges at Less Than Machine Capacity Read (PDF, 31.7KB)
May 2001
z/VM V4 Introduces Engine-Based Pricing — Reducing Your Computing Costs Read (PDF, 118KB)
IBM Data Management Tools Enhanced for DB2 and IMS Read (PDF, 39.5KB)
IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS and OS/390 V2, IBM File Manager for z/OS and OS/390 V2 Read (PDF, 52.7KB)
March 2001
IBM Introduces Value Unit Based Charges for Data Management Tools Read (PDF, 38.9KB)
IBM Introduces Value Unit Pricing for Application Development Tools Read (PDF, 24.2KB)
October 2000
IBM Announces Workload License Charges Read (PDF, 210KB)

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