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Monthly License Charge (MLC) Metrics

In addition to Advanced Workload License Charges (AWLC), Advanced Entry Workload License Charges (AEWLC), Workload License Charges (WLC), Entry Workload License Charges (EWLC), Midrange Workload License Charges (MWLC), System z New Application License Charges (zNALC), zSeries Entry License Charges (zELC), and Parallel Sysplex License Charges (PSLC), IBM offers a number of other special-purpose monthly license charge pricing metrics and offerings for the mainframe platform. This page is dedicated to providing additional information on these offerings.

S/390 Usage Pricing

IBM S/390 Usage Pricing, also known as Usage License Charges (ULC), offers an attractive pricing alternative on machines with either PSLC or GOLC. ULC provides a mechanism to deploy low-utilization software products across an enterprise, with excellent price/performance. For a product with ULC, software charges are based upon the utilization of that product. ULC price points are available for DB2, CICS, IMS and WebSphere MQ.

For more information on S/390 Usage Pricing (ULC), please read the announcement letter (PDF, 38KB).

S/390 Usage Pricing replaced the withdrawn Measured Usage License Charges (MULC) price metric on January 1, 1999. For more information on the withdrawal of MULC, please read the announcement letter (PDF, 10KB)

Select Application License Charges

Select Application License Charges (SALC) are available solely for WebSphere MQ and only on machines with AWLC, AEWLC, WLC or EWLC. SALC is an excellent price/performance option on very-low utilization installations of WebSphere MQ. SALC is available for either Sub-Capacity or Full Capacity machines. For a WebSphere MQ installation with the SALC pricing metric, software charges are based upon the utilization of WebSphere MQ.

For more information on Select Application License Charges (SALC), please read the announcement letter.

ULC and SALC Implementation

ULC and SALC each require the submission of a yearly "Software Usage Report". IBM provides a reporting tool called IFAURP (which ships with OS/390 V2 and z/OS) that analyzes 12 months of Systems Measurement Facility (SMF) data, record type SMF89, and generates the "Software Usage Report". This annual report summarizes the use over the past 12 months and establishes the ULC or SALC MSU level for the next 12 months.

To determine the billable ULC or SALC MSUs for a given product, the following algorithm is applied to each product set. A product set encompasses all the active versions of a given product.

For more information on how to generate and interpret a Software Usage Report, please read the MVS Product Management (SA22-7603) publication (PDF, 932KB).

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