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Monthly License Charge (MLC) Metrics

Country Multiplex License Charges (CMLC)
and Multiplex zNALC (MzNALC)

Country Multiplex Pricing (CMP) is a sub-capacity offering that allows z/OS and z/TPF clients to use their z Systems capacity within a given country without the constraints of sysplex aggregation rules and many of the limitations of previous reporting methodologies. Pricing for all sub-capacity eligible programs under CMP will be implemented with the new CMLC price metric, or with the new MzNALC price metric for zNALC customers migrating to CMP. Pricing for non-sub-capacity eligible programs will be FWLC or TWLC.

The CMLC price metric is a cumulative level pricing metric in the same was as AWLC is. But be aware that the CMLC price metric is only one part of the CMP pricing process, please see the Country Multiplex Pricing page for additional information about the establishment and subsequent use of an MLC and MSU baseline for each program for each customer who migrates an existing system to CMP.

Country Multiplex License Charges (CMLC) and Multiplex zNALC (MzNALC) Structure

(cumulative monthly pricing)

Level MSU Range
Base charge Up to 3 MSUs
Level 0 4 - 45 MSUs
Level 1 46 - 175 MSUs
Level 2 176 - 315 MSUs
Level 3 316 - 575 MSUs
Level 4 576 - 875 MSUs
Level 5 876 - 1315 MSUs
Level 6 1316 - 1975 MSUs
Level 7 1976 - 2499 MSUs
Level 8 2500 - 3499 MSUs
Level 9 3500 - 4999 MSUs
Level 10 5000 - 6999 MSUs
Level 11 7000 - 9999 MSUs
Level 12 10000 - 13999 MSUs
Level 13 14000+ MSUs

When non-sub-capacity eligible programs are licensed to z13, zEC12, or z196 servers the price metric used will be Flat Workload License Charges (FWLC).

When non-sub-capacity eligible programs are licensed to z13s, zBC12, or z114 servers the price metric used will be Tiered Workload License Charges (TWLC) based upon the full capacity MSUs of the server.

Tiered Entry Workload License Charges (TWLC) Structure

(flat monthly pricing based upon full capacity MSUs of the server)

Tier MSU Range
Tier A 1 - 11 MSUs
Tier B 12 - 15 MSUs
Tier C 16 - 40 MSUs
Tier D 41 - 75 MSUs
Tier E 76 - 1500 MSUs
TierF 1500+ MSUs

CMLC Technology Transition Offerings (TTOs)

Several Technology Transition Offerings are available for eligible Operating Systems Families (consisting of an operating system and its associated middleware programs) when running in a qualifying Country Multiplex Pricing environment. For more information about these and other TTOs, please see the AWLC page.


On 17 July 2017 IBM announced two new and one updated Technology Transition Offerings in support of the announcement of the IBM z14 (z14) server. Technology Update Pricing for the IBM z14 provides additional price performance on z14 servers compared to AWLC on older generations of servers. The enhancements to Transition Charges for Sysplexes provide additional price performance to an actively coupled z/OS Parallel Sysplex or z/TPF Loosely Coupled Complex which includes a z14 server but which is not yet made up entirely of z14 servers.

On 28 July 2015 IBM announced Country Multiplex Pricing (CMP) for z/OS and z/TPF. CMP is implemented using the Country Multiplex License Charges (CMLC) and Multiplex zNALC (MzNALC) price metrics.

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