IBM is issuing corrections to z/OS which may affect the values reported in certain software accounting utilization records and therefore the charges imposed by IBM for certain IBM Programs under Usage License Charging (ULC). These changes, when applied, will mean that the software accounting records will more accurately reflect the true utilization of z Systems server DB2 workloads. Please note that the updates do not affect measurements made by the Sub-Capacity Reporting Tool (SCRT).

The changes only impact SMF fields SMF89UCT, SMF89USR, SMF30UCT, SMF30UCS -- data collected in RMF and SMF records outside of these fields are not affected. Again, please note that the updates do not affect measurements made by SCRT.

Specifics for the change/fix are as follows:

This fix may impact the utilization numbers in the Software Usage Report which will be used to set your monthly Usage License Charges for the next 12 month period at your next DB2 ULC anniversary date, and in the future. We're advising you at this time so that if your DB2 workload includes the use of enclave SRB's (e.g. many ERP environments) and other pre-emptible SRBs or stored procedures, that you are able to plan for these potential increases in your 2007 budgets. A tool will be available to help you assess the difference in number of measured MSUs for DB2. For details see below for more information about the ULC PTF Estimator Tool.

In addition to potentially affecting the ULC Software Usage Report, the fix may affect ISV software products or other customer-generated applications which rely on the SMF89UCT, SMF89USR, SMF30UCT, and SMF30UCS fields. IBM has informed its z Systems ISV community of these changes. If you have questions about potential impact upon ISV software products please contact the appropriate ISV.

If you have any questions about potential impact upon the ULC Software Usage Report, please contact your IBM representative or IBM Business Partner.

ULC PTF Estimator Tool Information

The ULC PTF Estimator Tool was made available on 8 November 2006 but was updated on 5 January. Please download a new copy of the tool if you originally downloaded it prior to 5 January 2007.

The ULC PTF Estimator Tool is designed for planning purposes prior to the installation of z/OS PTF OA17891. The purpose of the tool is to make an estimation of the change in the DB2 MSU value to expect on the Software Usage Report after the PTF OA17891 is applied to the system. The tool will not provide accurate results after the application of PTF OA17891.

The tool is a job that analyzes (post-processes) SMF30 subtype 2 & 3 records. The code is a load-and-go object deck embedded in the job.

Prior to the application of the PTF the DB2 client SRBs and enclave SRBs were not included in the usage totals. This tool attempts to sum this activity and report how the usage value will be changed after the application of the PTF. The program sums all usage activity associated with any version of DB2. Then it sums the client SRB and enclave SRB times from the system. Please read the program JCL for further instructions.

End-to-End Overview

Basic Step-by-Step Instructions

Create a Dataset On the Host

Go to ISPF 3.2 to allocate a new 80 byte fixed dataset called ULC.TOOL.JCL

  1. Record Format = FB for Fixed Block

  2. Record Length = 80

  3. Directory Blocks = 0

  4. Block Size = 0 (system determined block size)

Upload to the Host From Your PC

  1. Download the tool from this web site

  2. Begin FTP Session - command is "ftp <hostname>"

  3. Change FTP mode to binary - command is "bin"

  4. Put the ULCTOOL.BIN file onto the host, overwriting the new MVS file called TOOL.JCL - command is "put ULCTOOL.BIN TOOL.JCL"

Back on the Host, Customize the Job

  1. customize the jobcard to fit your environment
  2. verify any necessary additional EXCLUDE parameters (see comments in job for more details)

  3. change SMF DD to point to your SMF dataset

Download the Tool

The ULC PTF Estimator Tool was made available on 8 November 2006 but was updated on 5 January. Please download a new copy of the tool if you originally downloaded it prior to 5 January 2007.

To download the tool see the ULC PTF Estimator Tool Download page.

Support for the Tool

For questions relating to the use of the tool please send email to

Contact an IBM Sales Specialist

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