z/VSE Virtual Tape Support

This page describes important aspects of using and working with the Virtual Tape Support available with z/VSE. Please refer also to VSE/ESA Release Guide V2.6 chapter 7.

In general, the z/VSE Virtual Tape Support included in z/VSE is intended to be transparent to applications and to provide the customer with the ability to read from or write to a virtual tape in the same way as if it were a physical tape.

For technical and performance reasons, the full range of the capabilities of a physical tape has not been implemented.

Note: More detailed information can be found in the following document:


z/VSE Service Level required to use VTAPE

Before you use the z/VSE Virtual Tape Support, you must first install the PTFs related to following APARs.

Note: The PTFs above may not directly affect z/VSE VTAPE support, but they may supersede or require (PRE/CO) other PTFs that affect z/VSE VTAPE support.

z/VSE V5.2:

z/VSE V5.1:

z/VSE V4.3 (unsupported):

z/VSE V4.2 (unsupported):

z/VSE V4.1 (unsupported):

z/VSE V3.1 (unsupported):


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