Important news

Date Description
Sep 27, 2011 Important z/VSE V4.3 migration considerations regarding recoverable VSAM catalogs
May 16, 2007 'IDC2950I INVALID FORMAT STRUCTURE' on MASTERCATALOG LISTCAT For a detailed description please see IDC2950I INVALID FORMAT STRUCTURE (PDF, 24KB).
June 26, 2003 Large Dasd (3390 model F) Exploitation in VSE/ESA 2.6 and VSE/ESA 2.7:
In order to exploit the Large DASD Support in VSE/VSAM, it is vital and essential to install the PTF for APAR  DY46113 which prevents the following problems:


Latest VSE/VSAM 9.3 APARs for z/VSE V6.1

Last update: Dec 1, 2015

PTF Contents
UD54143 SDUMP Invalidly Issued


VSE/VSAM 9.3 components

Comp. ID CLC Description
5686-VS6-05 61C VSE/VSAM 9.3
5686-VS6-05 61G VSE/VSAM 9.3 Macros