Recommended service levels

PTF numbers 07/31/09 (total size of RSL: 80.6 MB)


z/VSE base products - 3.1.3

UK34871 UK35978 UK36989 UK37062 UK39945 UK42039 UK46627

EREP 3.5.0
UD53323 UD53410 UD53475

ICKDSF 1.17.0
UK45018 UK48227

CICS/VSE 2.3.0
UK45862 UQ10400

CICS Transaction Server 1.1.1
UK31552 UK34393 UK34456 UK36537 UK36931 UK37472 UK37874 UK40866 UK40947 UK41018 UK43097 UK43153 UK45259 UK45407 UK45853 UK46213 UK47047

UD53261 UD53265 UD53309 UD53310 UD53320 UD53321 UD53322 UD53348 UD53407 UD53441 UD53459 UD53460 UD53461 UD53462 UD53463 UD53468 UD53469 UD53505

VSE Central Functions 8.1.0
(total size of PTFs: 39.0 MB)

(total size of PTFs: 25.8 MB)
UK36142 UK37185 UK39297 UK40639 UK40949 UK42389 UK44743 UK46820 UK48371

IBM High Level Assembler 1.5.0
UK31918 UK32922 UK33758 UK33788 UK34455 UK35642 UK37048 UK37946 UK39257 UK39410 UK40905 UK42133 UK42559 UK42835 UK44537 UK45510 UK47099 UK47141 UK48076

Featured Case Studies

  • IBM

    America First Credit Union

    Running core banking workload on z/VSE and applications on Linux with DB2.

  • IBM

    Fratelli Carli

    All the functions within Fratelli Carli are managed by the IBM mainframe, in particular through z/VSE.

IBM zEnterprise System

  • zEnterprise

    The IBM zEnterprise System extends modern mainframe capabilities for enterprises of all sizes to help cut costs, improve service, and fuel innovation for business growth.

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