This page contains information for z/VSE customers who have been asked by their IBM support representative to send data associated with a PMR (Problem Management Record) to a specific IBM FTP server and target directory via the Internet. Sending data such as dumps, traces, etc. (referred to as testcase(s)) electronically helps IBM identify and resolve problems expeditiously.


Sending documentation for problem analysis

Before sending any testcase(s) via the Internet, you will be given instructions by the support representative who is working on your problem. The IBM representative will give you the PMR number, the target FTP server and other necessary information in order to send the requested documentation.

Sending testcase(s) via FTP have two different types of data formats:

Please see the following documents for detailed instructions:


File naming convention

When sending data, use the following file naming convention to allow for the IBM internal automated support tools to move the testcase(s) to the appropriate directories and update the PMR to state that the testcase has arrived successfully. You must use a unique file name for every document you place on the server. If your upload fails with error "553 Permission denied. (upload)" this indicates that a file with the same name exists already in the target directory. Please retry the upload with a new target file name e.g. PUT xxxxx.bbb.ccc.yyy.zzz  xxxxx.bbb.ccc.yyy-new.zzz

Note: If the testcase file(s) cannot be associated with an existing PMR, they will be tagged as lost and eventually deleted.

File naming convention for testcase files must be in the designated format


e.g. 34143.055.724.sad00003.bin. In this example, 724 is the country code for Germany, for your country code check your PMR number or see here.

  Explanation Example
xxxxx 1st part of PMR number 34143
bbb 2nd part of PMR number (branch office) 055
ccc 3rd part of PMR number (country) 724
yyy A short description for the file (e.g. file 03 of SADUMP tape) sad00003
zzz File type bin


Note: Per default an FTP connection does not have any security. Secure and trusted data transfer is important. We offer a secure and trusted way to transfer your data to IBM via Secure FTP. Please contact us for detailed instructions.