Important news

Date Description
April 25, 2012 VSE/POWER may fail with IODEV=1024:
After installation of UD53825 or UD53760 POFFLOAD function may terminate VSE/POWER with 1Q2CI CC=20, if IPL option IODEV=1024 is active. Please install PTF UD53834.
April 10, 2012 Duplicates supported via IPWSEGM:
Programs that spool output can now request duplication for the next output segment using the IPWSEGM macro and operand DUP=YES for statements new * $$ LST and * $$ PUN. For details see APAR DY47302.


Latest VSE/POWER 9.4 APARs for z/VSE V6.2

Last update: November 28, 2017

PTF Contents


VSE/POWER 9.4 components

Comp. ID CLC Description
5686-VS6-03 62C VSE/POWER 9.4
5686-VS6-03 62G VSE/POWER 9.4 Macros