Systems programming assistance from IBM

Product Support Specialists with IBM Global Services can provide installation and migration services for the z/VM and z/VSE operating systems, their major subsystems, and even third-party software. These are highly skilled individuals, most of whom have spent a lifetime supporting the VM/VSE platform.

Here are some of the things our team can do for you:


z/VSE to z/OS migration information and services

There is no "plan" to have a forced march of z/VSE and/or z/VM customers to z/OS. IBM has been working on smoothing the path for those customers who choose to make this move. In today's e-business world, others may want to think about moving to z/OS or coexisting with z/OS where z/OS provides added value to them.

Providers of migration services are listed in alphabetical order. If you know of additional sources related to this subject, please contact the z/VSE team.

Disclaimer: IBM does not make any representations or endorsement of any of the products or services listed here which are provided by non-IBM sources. That information was provided by the named source, and IBM has made no effort to independently verify the products or services. Users of this information are responsible for checking with the non-IBM source to confirm the specific implementation of their system. In any event, IBM shall not incur any liability by listing the following information.

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