Latest z/VSE Connectors 9.3 APARs for z/VSE V6.1

Last update: February 6, 2018

PTF Contents
UI53403 The VSE VTAPE Server does not allow two or more VTAPEs from the same IP address and for the same CUU at the same time. This can happen when multiple z/VSE systems are connecting to the VTAPE Server through one Fast Path to Linux on System z (LFP) system, or through one z/VM VSE IP Assist (VIA) system, or through one z/VSE Network Appliance (VNA) system, so that those z/VSE systems appear under the same IP address to the VTAPE Server.
Note: Above update is in the workstation code (Component 5686-VS6-38). Please download from here and reinstall the component on your workstation.
UI51983 The VSE Connector Server configured to use SSL/TLS may hang or drop the connection when uploading large amounts of data.
Note: If you are using TCP/IP for z/VSE V2.1 (CSI TCP/IP) it is recommended that you also install ZP218322 and ZP218323 for TCP/IP for z/VSE V2.1.
UI52054 The VSE Connector Client fails to enable the TCP keep-alive option via the Java system property Setting this property to true should enable TCP keep alive on the underlying socket, but it does not do so.
Note: Above update is in the workstation code (Component 5686-VS6-38). Please download from here and reinstall the component on your workstation.
UI50638 When performing an LDAP signon via the VSE Connector Server the second and any subsequent signon attempt fails with FDBK=112 when LDAP signon is configured to use SSL. As long as the LDAP signon attempt is using the cached password hash, it works. Once it needs to connect to the LDAP server for a second time, it fails while initializing the SSL library.
UI50476 When a batch program that uses EXCI (External CICS Interface) also uses the VSAM Redirector (with EXIT='IESREDIR') it may receive EXCI error 419 (CICS_AFCB_PRESENT).
UI50049 The z/VSE SOAP Engine V2 produces an invalid literal SOAP message.
UI47276 The z/VSE SOAP Engine V2 working as client returns EIBRESP2=4 (INTERNAL ERROR) when calling IESOACLN when no HTTP proxy is configured in the rules used with the web service.
UI47293 The VSAM Capture Exit (IESVSCAP) fails to connect to an WebSphere MQ server with MQCCODE=0002 MQRCODE=085B when operating with MODE=MQCLIENT.
UI38636 The VSAM Redirector handler "DBHander" does not allow to specify additional connection properties in the JDBC URL for the Microsoft SQl Server JDBC Driver. It only allows to specify one singe connection property, which must be the "DatabaseName" property. Any additional properties are incorrectly treated as separate options of the OPTION string..
Note: Above update is in the workstation code (Component 5686-VS6-38). Please download from here and reinstall the component on your workstation.
UI32442 The new z/VSE SOAP support, that was introduced in z/VSE 5.2 and now supports literal encoding style, does not correctly handle complex copybooks with REDEFINES and OCCURS clauses. The result is that fields are mapped to a wrong location in the commarea. This affects z/VSE as SOAP server as well as z/VSE as SOAP client.
Required action: After applying this PTF you MUST also update the CICS2WS tool to version 2.7.0 (or later). You MUST then re-generate any existing RULES with the new CICS2WS tool version of 2.7.0 (or later), assemble them on z/VSE and perform a NEWCOPY on them in CICS. The z/VSE SOAP Engine will only accept RULES generated with a CICS2WS tool version of 2.7.0 (or later).
Note: Users of the 'old' SOAP support using generated PROXY code are not affected and do not need to update the CICS2WS version. However the new CICS2WS version will also work with the 'old' SOAP support.
UI32695 When updating, deleting or inserting a VSAM record using the VSAM-via-CICS service fails (e.g. due to a duplicate key error) then that VSAM file may become unusable for subsequent requests. This may affect other CICS programs accessing the VSAM file. It may also hinder the file from being closed in CICS via CEMT SET FILE CLOSED.
UI32467 The z/VSE SNMP Monitoring Agent returns incorrect CPU-time values when the system is running with CPU balancing active. Whenever the CPU balancing algorithm starts or stops CPUs the CPU-time value reported by the SNMP Monitoring Agent is incorrect.


z/VSE Connectors 9.3 components

Comp. ID CLC Description
5686-VS6-35 61N VSE Connectors
5686-VS6-38 61P VSE Connector WS code