Important news

Date Description
October 15, 2015 Job submission (via VSEPower.executeJob() method) on z/VSE 5.1 may wait for the job to complete forever, although the job is already completed
Please apply LE APAR PI22545 / PTF UI21719. z/VSE 5.2 is not affected.
April 4, 2013 Additional enhancements are available for z/VSE 5.1
For more information, please see the announcement letter.
Sept 5, 2012 Abend of the z/VSE Connector Server on z/VSE 5.1 when accessing LIBR
Please check if the listing contains the following LE message:
CEE2503S The offset from UTC/GMT to local time was not available from the system
If so then apply LE APAR PM53860 / PTF UK74736


Latest z/VSE Connectors 9.2 APARs for z/VSE V5.2

Last update: December 2, 2014

PTF Contents
UI22888 When a VSAM file is redirected, but the VSAM redirector is unable to connect to the redirector server (as indicated by message "IESC2003E FAILED TO CONNECT TO REDIRECTOR SERVER" on the console), or when the redirector handler reports an error during OPEN processing, then some control blocks are not freed, which can lead to a partition GETVIS leak. Note: On successful redirector operation no GETVIS is leaked.
UI21730 The z/VSE HTTP Client (IESHTTPB/IESHTTPC) does not ASCII/EBCDIC-translate sent or received data with a content-type of "application/xml", although this content-type is textual.
UI19748 The z/VSE SNMP Monitoring Agent truncates SNMP requests that are larger than 256 bytes. This results in an parsing error and causes the request to be ignored.
UI19637 When a job is submitted via the Java-based Connectors, and the job abends/cancels, or does not set a return code, then the return code reported by Java methods VSEPowerEntry.getMaximumReturnCode() or VSEPowerEntry.getLastReturnCode() is an incorrect value, and there is no indication if the job has abended or just did not set an return code.
UI17395 When re-executing an sql query through the z/VSE Database Connector (DBCLI) that previously returned an empty result, all subsequent results appear empty as well, even if the result would not be empty.
UI17384 The Exception java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException occurs when using the VSAM Redirector loader with a filter specified and the data starts with the high order bit on, e.g. FILTER-VALUE=X'900F'.
Note: Above update is in the workstation code (Component 5686-CF8-38). Please download from here and reinstall the component on your workstation.


z/VSE Connectors 9.2 components

Comp. ID CLC Description
5686-CF9-35 52N VSE Connectors
5686-CF9-38 52P VSE Connector WS code


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