Important news

Date Description
March 10, 2014 Update available for z/VSE's PAV (Parallel Access Volume) support:
APARs DY47396 (for z/VSE 4.3) and DY47501 (for z/VSE 5.1) address and correct several problems in z/VSE's support for PAV (Parallel Access Volume) devices. If you are using or plan to use PAV devices with z/VSE it is strongly recommended to apply these APARs.
July 5, 2013 Improved Stand-Alone Dump Program
APAR DY47471 addresses several problems in the Stand-Alone dump program. After installing PTF UD53951 a rebuild of the Stand Alone Dump program on disk and/or tape is required.
In IUI select
   	4  Problem Handling    
then 	6  Dump Program Utilities   
then	1  Create Standalone Dump Program on Tape  
or	2  Create Standalone Dump Program on Disk
to create a job which will rebuild the Stand-Alone dump program and for disk reformat the IJSYSDU dump file.
July 15, 2009 Updated list of PTFs for ACF/VTAM V4.2 31-bit I/O Buffer support
In 2006 IBM introduced the ACF/VTAM V4.2 31-bit I/O Buffer support. This support needs additional PTFs for its full functionality. For a complete list of PTFs for z/VSE 3.1 or z/VSE 4.1 or z/VSE 4.2 see here.
May 28, 2009 Support for PAV is now available
Parallel Access Volume (PAV) is an optional licensed feature of the IBM System Storage DS8000 and DS6000, and IBM TotalStorage ESS series. It enables a single System z server to simultaneously process multiple I/O operations to the same volume.

PAV support is now available in z/VSE V4.2 with APAR DY46953/PTF UD53399 (01C) and UD53400 (01J).

Note: When running under z/VM and using z/VM's PAV minidisk support the ALIAS minidisks must be defined in the CP Directory for the guest (MINIOPT PAVALIAS). Using the CP command DEFINE PAVALIAS to dynamically define an alias might lead to z/VSE system hangs.
June 18, 2007 The IBM System Storage TS1120 Tape Drive encryption feature support is now available for z/VSE V4.1 and V3.1.
Following APARs/PTFs must be installed to activate the support:
For a detailed description please see the updated chapter Implementing Hardware-Based Tape Encryption (PDF, 231KB) in the z/VSE V4R1 Administration guide.
April 13, 2007 Error in z/VSE 4.1 when trying to load DLA on disk
When using an old $0JCL from a previous release with // EXEC PROC=STDLABEL before // VDISK for DLA has been defined, the system should issue message 1L41D but instead the following error messages may be issued:
          RET.CODE=0E REASON CODE=06
          RET.CODE=0E REASON CODE=04
Circumvention: remove the // EXEC PROC=STDLABEL as described in chapter 5 of z/VSE V4R1.0 System Upgrade and Service.
// EXEC PROC= STDLABEL (remove this statement)
July 28, 2006 Installing Generation Feature may remove UD52824:
During installation of the VSE generation feature under releases z/VSE 3.1.1 or z/VSE 3.1.2, the PTF UD52824 is accidentally being removed from the MSHP history file, but the corrected code by UD52824 remains applied and intact. However, any subsequent installation by PTF UD52908 or any other PTF with a PRE REQ requirement of UD52824 will fail. Therefore, this archive job will provide the resolution to the above stated MSHP problem.
July 21, 2006 z/VSE V3.1.2:
z/VSE V3.1.2 is now available. It contains hardware support and functional enhancements first introduced in z/VSE V3.1.1. z/VSE V3.1.2 contains accumulated service since the z/VSE V3.1 GA in March 2005.

Note: Special instructions have been provided that describe detailed procedures for a) an FSU, or b) a new install of z/VSE V3.1.2. It is essential that users follow correct procedures to make the process as smooth as possible and to avoid any possible loss of existing definitions.
February 13, 2006 New ACF/VTAM V4.2 31-bit I/O Buffer support for z/VSE V3.1:
In the current ACF/VTAM implementation, VTAM I/O buffers use 24-Bit System Getvis storage. For some customers, this restriction creates a storage constraint. Customer requiremens (e.g. WAVV200414, WAVV200311, WAVV200242, WAVV200224) have requested that IBM allows to move these I/O buffers 'above the line' (into 31-Bit System Getvis storage).

IBM's response is the VTAM 31-Bit I/O Buffer Support in z/VSE 3.1. With this new function, ACF/VTAM can move I/O buffers (IOBUF pool) and all I/O CTC packing buffers in 31-Bit System Getvis storage (VTAM startup option IOBUF31=YES). This enhancement allows z/VSE customers to grow their communication workloads.

To use this support PTF UD52873 and PTF UD53035 (AF Base) or UD52874 and UD53060(Generation Feature) must be applied to z/VSE V3.1. In addition PTF UD52964 and PTF UD53054 must be applied to ACF/VTAM V4.2.
February 9, 2006 With z/VSE 3.1.1, initial installation may fail, first IPL goes into a loop:
A few users experienced problems with the initial installation of z/VSE V3.1.1. For technical details and a local fix see here (PDF, 8KB). As a result, we developed a solution (APAR DY46515). We applied the APAR and replaced the z/VSE V3.1.1 tapes at the distribution centers as of February 8.

z/VSE V3 customers fall into three groups:
In summary, the z/VSE V3.1,1 system you order now includes an important fix. We recommend that all customers with z/VSE V3.1.1 'on the shelf' (but who have not yet installed it for whatever reason), reorder z/VSE V3.1.1 before trying to install the system.


Latest VSE/AF 9.1 APARs for z/VSE V5.1

Last update: April 15, 2014

PTF Contents
UD54020-51S Security fixes for OpenSSL (CVE-2014-0160)
DY47516 2014/02/18 UD54005-51S Security fixes for OpenSSL
DY47501 2014/02/10 UD54002-51C
Prevents AR hang with PAV active. PAV enhancements.
DY47512 2014/01/28 UD53997-51C MSG0S39I Reason=0049 for a TCP/IP hipersockets link
DY47508 2013/12/12 UD53992-51C
DY47499 2013/10/17 UD53983-51S OpenSSL 1.0.1E Refresh
DY47500 2013/10/16 UD53982-51C Output missing in tape library Inventory List
DY47490 2013/09/26 UD53980-51C Message 1YK9D CUU xxx ALREADY ACTIVE AS VIRTUAL TAPE
DY47494 2013/09/18 UD53975-51C IOCP D/T2828 zBC12, D/T2827 zEC12 support for z/VSE
DY47488 2013/09/10 UD53972-51C
System hang: waiting for partition GETVIS.
DY47486 2013/08/28 UD53971-51C Message 0S46I I/O ERROR ON FBA=.. FCP=.. RC=01 REASON=063F0E
DY47479 2013/08/23 UD53970-51C QVS enhancement zEC12, D/T2827 and zBC12, D/T2828.
DY47483 2013/08/20 UD53970-51C VSE/AF DSECT MAPANCH is not in sync VSE/VSAM DSECT IKQVRGN
DY47481 2013/08/01 UD53963-51C Message 1YH8D LBSERV ERROR, FUNCTION=CMOUNT, RET.CODE=08
DY47473 2013/06/27 UD53956-51C
Hardwait WAITFFF or WAITFFB during I/O and / or heavy paging.
DY47472 2013/06/25 UD53952-51S OpenSSL: Remove RC4 cipher suites due to security issues.
DY47471 2013/06/12 UD53951-51C
  1. SA-DUMP MSG4G35I with more than 1 CPU active.
  2. Memory Object missing in dump.
  3. SDUMPX: invalid parm causes progchk.
  4. SDUMPX: incorrect wording "VIO POOL".
DY47470 2013/06/03 UD53956-51C
Performance degradation with TPA devices and DYNCAT.
DY47468 2013/05/27 UD53949-51C
WAITFF1 with 64-bit I/O support.
DY47459 2013/04/22 UD53939-51C PROG401 during IPL using a dedicated 3174 controller.
DY47460 2013/04/15 UD53938-51C OP class 24 not handled correctly in BSM.
DY47436 2013/03/25 UD53931-51C
z/VSE 5.1.2 enhancements.
DY47449 2013/02/07 UD53928-51C
Possible hang in OSAX QDIO device driver.
DY47454 2013/02/07 UD53928-51C
DY47371 2013/01/25 UD53928-51C
DY47442 2012/12/19 UD53919-51C
MSG0E02D with tape hardware encryption enabled.
DY47419 2012/12/17 UD53915-51C
64 bit I/O support.
DY47443 2012/11/19 UD53914-51C Running TS7700 a WAITFEC may occur trying to write MSGAOMAP10I.
DY47438 2012/11/09 UD53909-51C
Disabled Cancel loop after program check x30.
DY47394 2012/10/17 UD53905-51C
Hipersocket configurable input buffers.
DY47429 2012/10/08 UD53901-51C
MIH processing may fail when active for sense task.
DY47431 2012/10/02 UD53896-51C WAITFEC due to overlay of message AOMIO05I.
DY47428 2012/09/20 UD53890-51C
WAITFED during tape copy with D/T3420.
DY47397 2012/09/11 UD53864-51S OpenSSL 1.0.0d update for z/VSE 5.1
DY47417 2012/09/10 UD53881-51C
WaitFFB when running out of copy blocks.
DY47415 2012/08/29 UD53870-51C
DY47414 2012/08/15 UD53863-51C Crypto refresh for z/VSE 5.1 (including Crypto Express4s support).
DY47411 2012/08/10 UD53860-51C Add new resource class MXTOPIC for use with WebSphere MQ.
DY47413 2012/08/22 UD53868-51C
Hardwait WAITFED after microcode upgrade DS8800, DS8000.
DY47400 2012/08/06 UD53858-51C MSG1YK0D trying to mount D/T3590 volumes in D/3500 lib.
DY47374 2012/07/03 UD53868-51C
WAITFFF in MCRAS when processing channel recovery.
DY47391 2012/06/26 UD53846-51C MSG0S39I ERROR DURING OSA EXPRESS PROC.,REASON=0026.
DY47387 2012/05/24 UD53840-51C
Miscellaneous fixes for z/VSE 5.1.1 - z/VSE 5.1.1 GA PTF.
DY47386 2012/05/21 UD53839-51C Improper resource security checks by VSE Connector Server.
DY47323 2012/04/09 UD53826-51C
MSG0P99I EOT cancel loop with MSG0S04I ILLEGAL SVC 3.
DY47300 2012/04/03 UD53758-51C
z/VSE 5.1.1 Refresh enhancements.
DY47316 2012/02/10 UD53754-51C Recorder file becomes full after ROD command
DY47305 2012/02/10 UD53751-51C Loop after MSGCEE3503S
DY47298 2012/01/10 UD53742-51C OSAX failure during TCPIP startup in 2nd level VM guest.
DY47299 2011/12/28 UD53741-51C Dynamic Partition hang after SDUMP/SDUMPX into dump library.
DY47281 2011/12/09 UD53736-51C
DY47296 2011/12/07
UD53733-51C WAITFFF after IXFP SNAP overlayed Machine Check New PSW.
DY47293 2011/12/05
UD53726-51C System loop or hang on PAV I/Os.
DY47275 2011/11/14 UD53737-51C
DY47270 2011/11/04
UD53718-51C MSG1J016I Crypto device driver fails to initialize on a z9 BC or EC.
DY47268 2011/11/04
UD53717-51C Support for 4096-bit keys in Encryption Facility for z/VSE OpenPGP
DY47266 2011/11/04 UD53718-51C Support for 4096-bit keys.
DY47269 2011/10/26 UD53715-51C
WAITFFB with IODEV=1024 due to page fault.
DY47264 2011/10/28
PTF-1: Various problems in z/VSE 5.1 GA System, APAR integration
PV510136 - WAITFF1 on cancel job which used IARV64 REQUEST=GETSHARED
PV510281 - Output of LIBSERV DQUERY depends on DEBUG setting.
PV510284 - Output of LIBSERV AQUERY depends on DEBUG setting.
PV510306 - VTAM & CICS crash due to key 0 storage overlay.
PV510261 - Failure to set Global VLAN when VLAN_PRIO is specified.
PV510315 - Replace message numbers BST900I and BST902I by BST190I and BST191I.
- Avoid BSTADMIN ID processing in recover mode.
PV510312 - Wrong IPLDEV in MSG0I04I when IPL from SYSWK1 on SCSI
PV510296/PV510298 - Disabled WAITFFF / WAITEEEE (DEBUG STOP)


VSE/AF 9.1 components

Comp. ID CLC Description
5686-CF9-06 51C VSE/AF 9.1
5686-CF9-07 51C VSE/AF 9.1 MSHP
5686-CF9-08 51C VSE/AF 9.1 Info/Analysis
5686-CF9-09 51C VSE/AF 9.1 IOCP
5686-CF9-06 51J VSE/AF 9.1 Generation Feature
5686-CF9-06 51G VSE/AF 9.1 Macros
5686-CF9-17 51S z/VSE Cryptographic Services
5686-CF9-40 51Y Encryption Facility for z/VSE