Web Services with z/VSE

Cross platform and cross system process integration is a major goal for today's IT environments. One of the most advanced internet technologies that allow a such integration is the technology called Web Services (SOAP). It allows platform independent programs to communicate and exchange data based on a platform independent data representation.

z/VSE CICS applications can take advantage of this technology.



webservices.gif WebSphere Application Server TCP/IP for z/VSEXML Parserz/VSE SOAP engineCICS Transaction Server Web Services (SOAP)

Web Services is one of the most modern Internet technologies for program to program communication. With this technology, the invocation of a remote program can be done platform and program language independent, using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP). The data interchange is done in a standard, platform independent format with eXtendable Markup Language (XML).

With the implementation in z/VSE, existing CICS applications can be used as web services. With VSE/ESA 2.7 a SOAP engine was introduced for z/VSE. The SOAP engine can be used to:

In addition an XML Parser is available on z/VSE. It can be used to parse and create XML documents from z/VSE applications.




Web Services is a very modern technology and allows a full integration in heterogeneous environments for CICS applications. It makes use of a standard internet architecture.

Distributed processes can be interconnected independent of their operating system or programming language.

A CICS application can call remote processes and also interact as a service provider for remote systems.

An integration with web processes within a web application server.



Software prerequisites

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:



How to get started

To get started with Web Services, it is recommended to be familiarized with the concepts like SOAP and XML, and then start with the installation of the z/VSE Connector Client as infrastructure.




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