Access VSAM data from remote systems

One of the most common data access method in z/VSE is VSE/VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method). VSAM data has its own format and structure which is foreign for other systems.

An actual business need is the integration of VSAM data into distributed processes. Therefore, emphasis was placed on enabling real time access to VSAM data via modern and standard technologies and methods.



Accessing VSAM from a remote system via the z/VSE java-based connector. Access can be done in batch of via CICS. WebSphere Application Server z/VSE Connector Client VSAM JDBC Driver z/VSE Script Server TCP/IP for z/VSE z/VSE Connector Server CICS Transaction Server VSE/VSAM

For real time access to VSAM data from a remote platform the Java-based Connector was developed. It is build of 2 components:

The real time access to the VSE/VSAM data can be implemented in three ways:

Access to the VSAM dataset can be done directly from the z/VSE Connector Server, or via CICS, if the VSAM dataset is already opened in CICS.

To access VSAM data from a remote site, the structure of the records must be defined. This process is called 'mapping' and can be done with the z/VSE Maptool, z/VSE Navigator or IDCAMS command RECMAP. The z/VSE Maptool allows to import the mapping directly from your COBOL pr PL/I copybooks. Once the mapping is defined, access to the VSAM dataset can be done using the VSAM Java Beans, or via the VSAM JDBC Driver using SQL.

Real time Access to VSE/VSAM:



Having real time access to VSAM data, distributed processes can take advantage and faster decisions can be taken, based on the data:


Software requirements

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:

Note: WebSphere is NOT required to run the z/VSE Java-based connector. However, the connector can be deployed into WebSphere as an Resource Adapter or as an JDBC Provider, if you wish to access VSAM from a web application.



How to get started

To get started, following Steps need to be done:

Note: The z/VSE connector client contains descriptions and samples for accessing VSAM data.




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