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In complex environments, system automation task have an important role. The new functions designed for interoperability, shipped in the last releases of z/VSE, allow remote system management for z/VSE.



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System management functions have an important role in management of complex systems and architectures. For z/VSE, interfaces were developed to allow the execution of remote system management functions. The remote component that interacts with z/VSE is the z/VSE Connector Client. It is part of the Java-based Connectors. On z/VSE the z/VSE Connector Server bust be running.

Resource management, systems monitoring and remote operation are some of the possibilities with the Java-based Connectors. A tool to demonstrate these possibilities is the z/VSE Navigator. It is free of charge and can be downloaded from the z/VSE home page. With z/VSE Navigator you can browse, create, alter and delete z/VSE resources, monitor system activity and resource usage, and manage your z/VSE system. z/VSE Navigator is a Java tool based on the z/VSE Connector Client .




System management from a remote platform allows:



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