Access remote data via VSAM Redirector

The VSAM Redirector is a new z/VSE function in the category z/VSE as client. It enables a VSE/VSAM application to access data on a remote system. The z/VSE program doesn't need any change. Working with a remote relational database (i.e. IBM DB2 UDB), a real time synchronization between VSAM data and the database can be done. The same function can be used on z/VSE locally, as exit for data collection (e.g. incremental FTP), or as an exit for Journaling. The function is transparent for batch or CICS programs


Image map WebSphere Application Server TCP/IP for z/VSE DB2 Universal Database VSAM Redirector Handler VSAM Redirector Server VSAM Redirector Client VSAM VSAM Request CICS

The VSAM Redirector function is based on the VDA Exit (VSAM Data Access Exit) in VSAM. The VSAM Redirector function intercepts VSAM requests and forwards them for further processing. On z/VSE, a configuration table needs to be set up in order to define which VSAM files are being redirected.

VSAM requests can be redirected to:

The VSAM Redirector function consists of two components:

With the option called OWNER, the decision can be made whether:



This functionality opens new dimensions of integration of VSE/VSAM programs with remote data especially with remote relational databases.

Once the data resides in a database, the data can be accessed by many kinds of applications:



Software prerequisites

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:



How to get started

To redirect VSAM requests (from batch or CICS applications) the following steps must be done:

For the z/VSE side:

On the remote platform:

To migrate an entire VSAM file to the database, an additional VSAM file has to be defined with the same structure as the original one (clone). The second file will be set up to be redirected in the configuration phase. Now a simple IDCAMS REPRO can copy the original file to the redirected one. That means all data will be copied to the destination database table. Once that's done, the original file will be set up to be redirected and up to that time all requests will be redirected to the database - for synchronization or redirected access.




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