Operation with POWER via TCP/IP

The new functions implemented in POWER and TCP/IP for z/VSE allow the integration of POWER queues with remote systems.




New enhancements in POWER and TCP/IP for z/VSE allow the integration of POWER output (job output) with remote systems.

From Remote systems, the interaction with POWER queues can be done using the Java Access to z/VSE resources solutions. Create, change, delete, release POWER jobs, access to output queues and analyse of the output are some of the possible operations.

The auto event processing functions can work on job output (listings, reports) that reside in a certain POWER LST class. The following auto events are available:

POWER PNET functions allow intercommunication with other systems (i.e. z/VSE, z/OS, AS/400) via TCP/IP.




Enhancements in POWER and TCP/IP allow a better integration of data exchanger between POWER output and remote systems.



Software prerequisites

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:



How to get started

To get started with a such solution, no changes to POWER on the z/VSE system is needed. Via TCP/IP scripts automated processes based on Power events can take place.

With the z/VSE Connector Client, the access to POWER resources from a remote platform can be done. How to work with this method please refer to the Java access to z/VSE resources solution.




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