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Modern IT environments need fast and reliable networking capabilities. OSA Express Adapter and HiperSockets support is the key for modem networking solutions.




HiperSockets is a feature of the IBM Mainframe hardware. It is available on all zSeries Systems, like z800, z900, z990 and z890 and IBM System z9 BC and z9 EC servers. It allows to define up to 16 internal networks 'in the box'.

It allows to interconnect several operating systems running on a IBM System z server. The interconnection can be between LPARs or guests under z/VM running in the same or even in different LPARs. These networks are very reliable and secure. The speed of these HiperSocket networks is the speed of a memroy copy. Therefore, distributed applications working in a such network have low network latency.

The OSA Express Adapter  should be the network adapter of your choice if you want to interconnect the z/VSE system with a real network. z/VSE supports OSA in traditional and in Queued Direct I/O (QDIO) mode which is designed for high data transfer rates.




Fast and reliable network communication between operating systems inside the box (HiperSockets):

OSA Express allows fast connections with distributed environments and different network topologies.



Software prerequisites

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:



How to get started

To work with a HiperSockets or OSA Express Adapter networks in a IBM System z server definitions have to be done:

Note: The portname should only use uppercase letters, and is given by the first one who accesses the device. The 3 CUUs should be an even odd pair (e.g. 120, 121) plus an datapath CUU.

A good starting point is the Rebook-like document from Stephen Gracin:



Additional information

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