Job automation using REXX or connectors

In a complex environment automation of processes and jobs helps to increase productivity and reduce human intervention and skill requirement for special process handling.




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Modern production environments are based on automation of processes and jobs.

With the newest functions in z/VSE, Job automation can be controlled by z/VSE itself or with modern programs on a  remote Java environment.

Automation and job scheduling can be done

The various REXX interfaces to access POWER, VSAM, CICS, TCP/IP, can be used to have an individual JOB scheduling and automation process, even with distributed environments. In this case z/VSE controls the Job flow.

You can also integrate remote processes into z/VSE job streams by using the REXEC function of TCP/IP for z/VSE to control remote programs and get results from them.

Using the Java based connectors, a remote platform can use modern technologies and do job scheduling and automation on z/VSE.




Dynamic and flexible integration of Jobs and automation possibilities:



Software prerequisites

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:

Note: WebSphere is NOT required to run the z/VSE Java-based connector. However, the connector can be deployed into WebSphere as an Resource Adapter, if you wish to access VSAM from a web application.



How to get started

To get started with Job automation on z/VSE, REXX procedures can be developed to handle the Job flow, and resource access or data access.

With Job automation from a remote platform you can start by establishing the infrastructure required:



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