Java access to z/VSE data from remote systems

In the last releases of z/VSE, new functions were developed to allow an easier integration of z/VSE data, applications and transactions into heterogeneous environments. That opens new possibilities for real time access, automation and management of z/VSE resources and system operation. Most modern technologies can be used to access z/VSE resources. Examples are Web technologies like Web services, using XML and SOAP, Java, Scripts and standard interfaces like JDBC. You can have access to VSAM, POWER, Librarian, ICCF, Console and DL/I.



Image map WebSphere Application Server z/VSE Connector Client VSAM JDBC Driver z/VSE Script Server TCP/IP for z/VSE z/VSE Connector Server DL/1 VSAM ICCF Library Librarian z/VSE Console POWER

For real time access to VSAM data from a remote platform the Java-based Connector was developed. It is build of 2 components:

The z/VSE Connector Client provides:

Access to VSAM, POWER, Librarian, ICCF, Console and DL/I is implemented.



Because of the need for standard interfaces and the cross platform transparent global access to resources, the real time access to z/VSE resources is the way of integration for z/VSE resources into distributed processes.

Real time access to z/VSE subsystems like POWER, Librarian and the Console enable remote job control, automation and system management functions, as well as web based integration of resources.

A real time access to data like VSAM and DL/I enable the extension of data integration across platforms. z/VSE can participate in modern solutions like data warehousing, business intelligence and modern web technologies.

Real time Access to z/VSE data can be included in all modern web technologies:



Software requirements

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:

Note: WebSphere is NOT required to run the z/VSE Java-based connector. However, the connector can be deployed into WebSphere as an Resource Adapter or as an JDBC Provider, if you wish to access VSAM from a web application.



How to get started

The variety of possibilities for real time access to z/VSE resources is included in our z/VSE Connector Client as description and samples and in the z/VSE Navigator tool as the biggest standalone tool. Therefore as a start point follow the steps to install and work with the provided samples:




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