Flashcopy and z/VSE data

Modern IT environments need to be online 24 hours 7 days a week. Being Online means have permanent access to the production data. To achieve this goal but also secure the data with regular Backups, new technologies were developed in IBM System Storage products - Flashcopy.




Flashcopy is a function of modern storage systems like the IBM Enterprise Storage Server (ESS) and IBM System Storage  DS8000 and DS6000 series servers. It allows to take 'virtual' copy of a volume or even parts of a volume in few seconds. This enables to take backup actions parallel to production environments without affecting them.

It helps to minimize the offline time in a production environment. VSAM has introduced a special support to allow taking a backup of VSAM files from copies volumes: Synonym backup.

Another possibility is to clone a whole z/VSE system, by copying the system disks (DOSRES, SYSWK1) and the data disks with Flashcopy. The cloned system can be IPLed, and backups can be taken while the original system is online.






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