Multi-Platform Development and z/VSE

With availability of VisualAge Generator EGL plug-in z/VSE (in 2005) there evolved new Application Development (AD) opportunities for the z/VSE environment. This included the possibility to generate COBOL/VSE applications from IBM's new business language and involve web architectures.

In December 2008, continued support was announced for IBM's new business language and z/VSE based on:

The sections below outline the details for this approach.





The interaction of workstation and z/VSE components outlined in the figure above allows the generation and deployment of COBOL/VSE back-end programs that are called from an Enterprise Generation Language (EGL) front-end (actually Java applications that are located on a Web Application Server and invoked from a Web browser).

EGL Rich UI enables organizations to quickly deliver rich Web 2.0-style solutions without needing to learn or program the intricacies of Ajax, JavaScript, REST, HTML, or XML.



The possibility to concentrate on business processes is considered a key element in application development. The following list references some of the benefits and opportunities associated with using EGL.



Software prerequisites


z/VSE Server:


How to get started

To get started the following could be of further interest.

IBM Rational Software Development Platform:

Further references and articles:

Major enabling tasks on z/VSE Server site:

Major enabling tasks on the Workstation:



References to related components (Workstation)

IBM Rational Business Developer (RBD)

IBM Rational Business Developer Generation Extension for z/VSE

Enterprise Generation Language (EGL)

WebSphere Application Server (WAS)

CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG)

DB2 Universal Database (UDB)


References to related components (z/VSE Server)

IBM Rational COBOL Runtime for z/VSE

Language Environment for VSE/ESA

CICS Web Support (CWS)

DB2/VSE (optional)



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