Access DL/I data from remote systems

Core applications and processes based on DL/I databases with the requirement of integration of these applications in heterogeneous processes can now take advantage of modern functions implemented in z/VSE.


Image map WebSphere Application Server z/VSE Connector Client TCP/IP for z/VSE z/VSE Connector Server CICS Transaction Server DL/I 1.11

To have real time access to DL/I data from a remote platform, the z/VSE Java-based Connector, part of the z/VSE e-business Connectors was developed to solve this business need. It is build of 2 components:

Access to the DL/I is done through the DL/I online nucleus via MPS. The z/VSE connector client contains interfaces to interact via PSB and corresponding PCB with the DL/I subsystem and data.

Real time Access to DL/I data:

On the remote side the z/VSE Connector Client provides a program interface which can be exploited by any kind of program or web application. All kinds of DL/I requests can be performed, including CHECKPOINT and ROLLBACK.



Real time access to DL/I data from a remote system allows the integration of DL/I data into distributed processes and web transactions.


Software requirements

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:

Note: WebSphere is NOT required to run the z/VSE Java-based connector. However, the connector can be deployed into WebSphere as an Resource Adapter if you wish to access VSAM from a web application.



How to get started

To get started, following Steps need to be done:

Note: The z/VSE connector client contains descriptions and samples for accessing DL/I data.


Additional information

Additional information for this solution scenario can be found:


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