Console automation using REXX and connectors

Modern production environments are based on automation of processes. Console automation helps to react on event or time driven actions.



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Modern production environments are based on time and event driven process automation and jobs. With the newest functions in z/VSE for the z/VSE console interface, the event driven process automation can be controlled:

The various interfaces for REXX allow access to the z/VSE console and can be used for console automation processing. Decisions can then take advantage of the other REXX interfaces (i.e. POWER) for further processing.

Using the Java based Connectors, a remote platform can use modern technologies and do console automation and time or event driven actions. These actions can be a local remote action or an action on z/VSE. This allows you to monitor the console and react on certain messages or events. Reaction on the message text, its severity, originating program or partition and much more is possible.

Besides monitoring, an active interaction with the console is possible.You can issue console commands and retrieve and process the output from the console. This even allows management and operation of z/VSE from a remote systems.

The Job automation solution describes the various action possibilities:




The interaction with console messages allows automation and monitoring of messages, the definition of actions for different colored and prefixed messages and definition of operation processes:



Software prerequisites

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:

Note: WebSphere is NOT required to run the z/VSE Java-based connector. However, the connector can be deployed into WebSphere as an Resource Adapter, if you wish to access VSAM from a web application.



How to get started

To get started with console automation on z/VSE, REXX procedures can be developed to handle the console messages.

With Console automation from a remote platform you can start by establishing the infrastructure required:



Additional information

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