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z/VSE CICS transactions represent vital core applications in an enterprise. The evolution of the last years showed the necessity of standard and modern interfaces, for the integration of z/VSE transactions with distributed transactional processes.

IBM CICS Transaction Gateway makes available CICS interfaces to remote platforms.


WebSphere Application Server CICS Transaction Gateway TCP/IP for z/VSE CICS Transaction Server

Transactional integrity is very important in modern processes and IBM CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) allows a such security in distributed environments. It is the remote component for CICS Transaction Server on z/VSE.

The IBM CICS Transaction Gateway enables you to call a CICS program from a remote system. The CICS Transaction Gateway is responsible for the communication with CICS Transaction Server on z/VSE. It consists of the CICS Universal Client and the gateway itself. The Universal Client has programming interfaces in various programming languages. The Gateway is used for Java access.

Used in conjunction with the WebSphere Application Server, CTG is the CICS interface for web applications. The web applications can use the most modern internet technologies and calls z/VSE transactions which can have part of these modern transactional solutions.

z/VSE CICS Transaction Server supports communications with TCP/IP and SNA. It supports the External Call Interface (ECI) for use with the CICS Transaction Gateway via TCP/IP.




With CICS Transaction Gateway, z/VSE transactions can be extended to remote platforms and can be integrated in web transactions.

The benefits of a such solution consists of:



Software prerequisites

The following software requirements must be meet in order to implement this solution:



How to get started

To get started additional setup must be done in z/VSE CICS Transaction Server and the CICS Transaction Gateway must be installed on the remote platform.

Additional setup for z/VSE CICS Transaction Server:




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