z/VSE V6.1 status

z/VSE V6.1 is the newest release of z/VSE and is made available in continuation of these 50 years of innovation and evolution.

This ongoing evolution of z/VSE, together with z/VSE's support of the newest IBM z Systems servers and IBM System Storage technology, is designed to help clients grow their workloads, and protect their investments in the z/VSE platform.

Whereas the past z/VSE versions often addressed scalability and constraint relief, z/VSE V6.1 now focuses on online transaction processing, security, and networking. To help clients protect their investments in online environments, z/VSE V6.1 delivers CICS Transaction Server (CICS TS) for z/VSE V2.1.

Clients make high demands on secure networking. Both z/VSE TCP/IP stacks, IBM TCP/IP for z/VSE V2.1 and IBM IPv6/VSE V1.2, address the security requirements and are designed to provide firewall functionality in the updated version or release of their product.

z/VSE clients may want to leverage the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation to develop mobile applications that interact with z/VSE. Using z/VSE connectors such as web services and the CICS Transaction Gateway, mobile applications can integrate z/VSE data and applications.

Enhancements for z/VSE V6.1 include:

z/VSE V6.1 supports IBM z Systems servers:

z/VSE V6.1 can run in an LPAR image, or as a guest in any supported z/VM release. z/VSE V6.1 is the preferred follow-on VSE product for clients with z/VSE V5, z/VSE V4, z/VSE V3, or VSE/ESA installed. z/VSE V6.1 requires an initial installation. To ease the migration to z/VSE V6.1, z/VSE V5.2 will still be orderable after general availability of z/VSE V6.1 for a transition period. In addition Multi-Version Measurement (MVM) is available for customers migrating to z/VSE V6.1

z/VSE V6.1 offers Midrange Workload License Charge (MWLC) pricing metrics, including a subcapacity option, for z14, z13, z196, and System z10. IBM offers Advanced Entry Workload License Charge (AEWLC) pricing metrics, including a subcapacity option, for the z13s, zBC12, and z114 servers. The entry models (capacity setting A01) of the z13s, zBC12, z114, and z10 BC will be priced using zSeries Entry License Charge (zELC) for their IBM monthly license charge software.

z/VSE V6.1 is generally available since November 27, 2015.



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