ACF/VTAM V4.2.0 - 5686-065

IBM Advanced Communications Function/Virtual Telecommunication Access Method Version 4 for VM/ESA and VSE/ESA are on the way! These new VTAM products are the first Version 4 releases for both platforms and provide you with the following capabilities:

VTAM Version 4 Release 2 is the first APPN release for both VM and VSE platforms. These products incorporate the function announced previously in VTAM V4R1 and V4R2 for MVS/ESA that are applicable to VM and VSE environments. The APPN enhancements in VTAM V4R2 for VM and VSE allow current VTAM customers to extend APPN networking into their enterprise, while also supporting existing subarea networking. The many benefits of APPN can be realized in addition to existing subarea networking function. Furthermore, customers can migrate to APPN at their own pace, upgrading parts of their networks at a time.

ACF/VTAM V4.2 31-bit I/O Buffer support for z/VSE V3.1:

In the current ACF/VTAM implementation, VTAM I/O buffers use 24-Bit System Getvis storage. For some customers, this restriction creates a storage constraint. Customer requirements (e.g. WAVV200414, WAVV200311, WAVV200242, WAVV200224) have requested that IBM allows to move these I/O buffers 'above the line' (into 31-Bit System Getvis storage).

IBM's response is the VTAM 31-Bit I/O Buffer Support in z/VSE V3.1. With this new function, ACF/VTAM can move I/O buffers (IOBUF pool) and all I/O CTC packing buffers in 31-Bit System Getvis storage (VTAM startup option IOBUF31=YES). This enhancement allows z/VSE customers to grow their communication workloads.

To use this support PTF UD52873 and PTF UD53035 (AF Base) or UD52874 and UD53060(Generation Feature) must be applied to z/VSE V3.1. In addition PTF UD52964 and PTF UD53054 must be applied to ACF/VTAM V4.2.



ACF/NCP V7.8.1 - 5648-063

IBM Advanced Communications Function/Network Control Program Version 7 Release 8 offers additional enhancements to its wide range of comprehensive solutions that maintain the quality and dependability you expect of this critical network component. This release of NCP provides new enhancements with maximum function and flexibility that increase connectivity options in the following areas:

ACF/NCP V7R8.1, for z/OS, OS/390 (MVS), VM, and VSE, is designed to operate on any IBM 3745 Communications Controller channel-attached to a host processor or remotely connected by an SDLC link, IBM Token Ring, X.25, Frame-Relay or ISDN through another controller to a host processor.



ACF/SSP for VSE V4.8.1 - 5686-064

ACF/SSP Version 4 Release 8 is the required SSP for all customers who use ACF/NCP Version 7 Release 8. In addition, ACF/SSP Version 4 Release 8 supports all ACF/NCP and associated product releases that are supported by ACF/SSP Version 4 Release 7 and are still in service.

ACF/SSP V4R8's enhanced features put more choice, and more control, within your reach. This product not only supports all the new function and enhancements of ACF/NCP Version 7 Release 8, but also delivers additional enhancements for greater power and flexibility. It features:



EP V1.14 - 5735-XXB

IBM Emulation Program (EP) Version 1 Release 14 capabilities continue to provide investment protection on the 3745 Communications Controller while maintaining the quality and dependability of this critical network component. IBM Emulation Program has been updated to include three important changes in the following areas:



X.25 NPSI V3.9 - 5688-035

The X.25 Network Control Program Packet Switching Interface (NPSI) continues to protect your investment in the 3745 Communications Controller and maintain the quality and dependability of this critical network component.

New for V3R9:



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