List of independent software vendors providing products for z/VSE

Disclaimer: IBM does not make any representations or endorsement of any of the products or services listed here which are provided by non-IBM sources. That information was provided by the named source, and IBM has made no effort to independently verify the products or services. Users of this information are responsible for checking with the non-IBM source to confirm the specific implementation of their system. In any event, IBM shall not incur any liability by listing this information.

Independent Software Vendors are listed in alphabetical order. If you want to be added to this list, please contact the z/VSE team.

Independent Software Vendor Status
Allen Systems Group, Inc. Product status
Allscripts Healthcare (formerly McKesson Corporation) Product status
American Software, Inc  
Arney Computer Systems Product status
Astro Tech  
Barnard Software, Inc. Product status
BMC Software, Inc.  
B.O.S. Software Service und Vertrieb GmbH Product status
CA Product status
Cincom Systems, Inc.  
Computer Programs Marketing Group  
Compuware Corporation  
CONNX Solutions, Inc. Product status
ConvTek, Inc.  
CSI International Product status
C\TREK Corporation  
Data21 Product status
DETEC Software GmbH - A Division of UNICOM Global  
Fundamental Software, Inc.  
GSF Software  
GT Software  
HostBridge Technology  
H & W Computer Systems, Inc.  
illustro Systems - A Division of UNICOM Global Product status
INFTEC GmbH (German)  
Interskill Interactive, Inc.  
K.K. Paradox  
Lattwein GmbH Product status
Lee Technologies, Inc.  
Levi, Ray and Shoup, Inc  
MacKinney Systems, Inc. Product status
Macro 4 - A Division of UNICOM Global Product status
Mantissa Corporation  
Nodus, Inc.  
OpenConnect Systems  
UMB AG (formerly Osys AG) Product status
Pacific Systems Group  
Pfeilschifter GmbH  
Phoenix Software International Product status
Pi-Systemprogrammierungs-GmbH Product status
PRINCE Software  
Q Group  
Quintessential Mailing Software, Inc. Product status
Red Hat  
Rocket Software, Inc. (formerly Seagull Software) Product status
SMA Solutions  
Software AG Product status
Software Diversified Services Product status
Software Engineering of America, Inc.  
Software Product Research  
Software Pursuits, Inc. Product status
Sound Software Printing, Inc.  
Sterling Commerce (now part of IBM)  
SYNCSORT Product status
The Fillmore Group  
The Fredrick Group, Inc.  
Thigpen Enterprises, Inc. Product status
Unicom Systems, Inc.  
Universal Software, Inc.  
Velocity Software, Inc. Product status
Viaserv, Inc. Product status
WDR Training and Consultancy  
XPS Software GmbH Product status