Preview: z/VSE Version 6.1

Preview: z/VSE V6.1 - Get ready for the new z/VSE version!

In 2015, z/VSE celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. In continuation of 50 years of innovation and evolution, IBM is pleased to preview z/VSE V6.1.

Past z/VSE versions often addressed scalability and constraint relief. z/VSE V6.1 will now focus on online processing, security, and networking:

z/VSE clients may want to leverage the IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation to develop mobile applications that interact with z/VSE. Using z/VSE connectors, mobile applications can integrate z/VSE data and applications.

For more information, please see the announcement letter.

IBM z/VSE V5.2 is available since April 25, 2014

z/VSE V5.2, together with z/VSE's support of the newest IBM z Systems servers and IBM System Storage technology, is designed to help clients protect their investments in z/VSE, grow their workloads, or consolidate their systems. It demonstrates again IBM's commitment to z/VSE clients.

With the exploitation of z/VSE's 64-bit virtual support, z/VSE V5.2 builds upon the capabilities that were introduced with z/VSE V4 (z/Architecture mode, 64-bit real addressing, more tasks, virtual storage constraint relief) and continued with z/VSE V5.1 (64-bit virtual addressing).

z/VSE V5.2 continues the focus on ease of use, scalability, networking, security, and connectivity between z/VSE and Linux on z Systems.

For more information, please see the announcement letter.

IBM zEnterprise BC12

The IBM zEnterprise BC12 (zBC12) offers twice the capacity at the entry level for the same low entry price as its predecessor, the z114. It also delivers significant improvements in availability, security, performance and total system scale to support clients’ growth in both traditional and new workloads including consolidation, cloud, mobile and analytics. With the same zEnterprise innovations and capabilities as the zEC12, the zBC12 lets you scale to the right size without compromise..

For more information, please see the announcement letter.

Live Virtual Classes

None at the moment.


Future Live Virtual Classes:

We are currently planning for the following future z/VSE Live Virtual Classes:

Note: All topics are subject to change.

Schedule dates and registration links will be made available about 2 weeks before the individual event.

Additional future topics will be added over time and can also by suggested via Contact z/VSE.

For replays of completed Live Virtual Classes, please see the Education web page.

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