WAVV 2014 - World Alliance of z/VSE, z/VM and Linux

WAVVApril 13-16, 2014 Covington, Kentucky will host the 2014 WAVV Conference. It offers a broad selection of technical sessions covering the latest z/VSE, z/VM, Linux on System z, and IBM System z technology. Besides classes, WAVV lets you tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience on a wide range of topics. It gives you an opportunity to interact with leaders from the z/VSE community, including developers from IBM, key Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and IBM Business Partners (BPs). At WAVV you can network with colleagues and peers who share your daily professional issues, including common business and technical challenges.

If you've attended a WAVV conference in the past, you already know the tremendous value it offers to z/VSE, z/VM, and Linux on System z professionals. If you've never participated in a WAVV conference, you should give serious consideration to attending this one. The benefits for you and your company are enormous. If you have any doubts about the value of WAVV, just review the agenda or talk to anyone who has attended any prior event.

z/VSE events

The following z/VSE events are currently planned. If you know a z/VSE event and want it to be added to this list, please contact the z/VSE team.

  Date Event
WAVV April 13-16, 2014 WAVV 2014 - World Alliance of z/VSE, z/VM and Linux
Covington, KY, USA
IBM System z Technical University May 12-16, 2014 IBM System z Technical University
Budapest, Hungary
Enterprise2014 October 6-10, 2014 Enterprise2014 featuring the IBM System z Technical University
Las Vegas, NV, USA
Guide Share Europe October 20-22, 2014 8th European GSE/IBM Technical University for z/VSE, z/VM and Linux on System z
Dresden, Germany