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March 16, 2007 z/VM V5.2 (or later) is a prerequisite for running z/VSE V4.1, V4.2, V4.3 or V5.1 under z/VM.
If you IPL z/VSE V4.1, V4.2, V4.3 or V5.1 in a guest system of z/VM version 4 or z/VM 5.1, you may experience severe performance problems. Because of that the following message is issued:
If you receive this message, you must urgently upgrade your VM system to z/VM 5.2 or a later release.
November 1, 2006 z/VSE CPU Monitor Tool
The z/VSE CPU Monitor Tool is intended to help customers to measure the CPU utilization of their z/VSE system over a period of time. Especially when you plan for a processor upgrade it is very important to know the CPU utilization of your z/VSE system over a day or a week. This helps you to estimate the size of the new processor.
October 25, 2005 Important considerations when planning for a harware upgrade:
Although z/VSE supports up to 10 processors, it is not recommended to run z/VSE with more than 3 processors active. In most cases a z/VSE system runs best on a uni-processor system. So its better to use a larger uni-processor than multiple smaller processors, even if the sum of the processors would result in the same capacity.
October 25, 2005 IBM Processor Capacity Reference for IBM System z (zPCR)
zPCR is designed to provide capacity planning insight for IBM System z processors running various workload environments. z/VSE customers are encouraged to use the zPCR tool with the z/VSE workloads Batch, Online or Mixed for capacity planning.



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