Supported z/VSE releases

Version.Release Date available Withdrawal from Marketing effective (1) Withdrawal from Service effective Minimum z/VM level (2)
z/VSE V6.2 4Q2017
z/VSE V6.1 11/27/2015
z/VSE V5.2 04/25/2014
z/VM V5.4

Note (1): If you have a need for z/VSE tapes from a release that is no longer available for ordering, i.e. for an intermediate FSU step during release upgrade from older releases, then please contact the z/VSE team.

Note (2): The minimum z/VM level applies when z/VSE is running as a guest under z/VM. In some cases, the minimum level of z/VM may not be supported. For information on the service status of z/VM, please refer to the z/VM web site.


z/VSE server support

IBM z Systems, IBM System z, zSeries and S/390 Server z/VSE V6.1 z/VSE V5.2
IBM z14 (1) Yes Yes (4)
IBM z13s (1) Yes Yes
IBM z13 (1) Yes Yes
IBM zEnterprise BC12 (1) Yes Yes
IBM zEnterprise EC12 (1) Yes Yes
IBM zEnterprise 114 Yes Yes
IBM zEnterprise 196 Yes Yes
IBM zEnterprise BladeCenter Extension (zBX) - IEDN Support Yes (2,3) Yes (2,3)
IBM System z10 BC Yes Yes
IBM System z10 EC Yes Yes
IBM System z9 EC (formerly z9-109) No Yes
IBM System z9 BC No Yes
zSeries 990, 890 No No
zSeries 900, 800 No No
S/390 Parallel Enterprise Server G5/G6 No No
S/390 Multiprise 3000 No No

Note (1): The z14, z13s, z13, zEC12 and zBC12 allow to configure OSA-Express4S and later with OSA/SF in HMC. Starting with the zEC12, ESCON channels are no longer supported.

Note (2): z/VSE V6.1, V5.2 and V5.1 can participate in an IEDN through OSA-Express for zBX devices (LPAR or z/VM guests).

Note (3): z/VSE V6.1, V5.2 and V5.1 can transparently participate in an IEDN through a z/VM VSWITCH. This requires z/VM V6.1 or later.

Note (4): z/VSE V5.2 on z14: For the AR REIPL command the PTF for APAR DY47722 is required. For automatic installation of z/VSE 5.2 in a z14 LPAR and ECKD disks: After restore of IJSYSR1 is complete (message on console), system enters hardwait FFD (because REIPL fails). Circumvention: After restore of IJSYSR1, when system entered hardwait, IPL DOSRES device manually. Then automatic installation then continues normally.

Note: Before migrating your z/VSE system to a newer server, please order the corresponding PSP bucket.

Note: Server names shown in red are no longer supported by IBM, or a end of support date has been announced.


z/VSE support for adapters and crypto

Adapter z/VSE V6.1 z/VSE V5.2
OSA-Express, OSA-Express2,
OSA-Express3, OSA-Express4S (1), OSA-Express5S (1), OSA-Express6S (1)
Yes Yes
FICON Express, FICON Express2,
FICON Express4, FICON Express8,
FICON Express8S, FICON Express16S, FICON Express16S+
Yes Yes
Crypto Express2, Crypto Express3, Crypto Express4S, Crypto Express5S (2), Crypto Express6S (2) Yes Yes
CP Assist for Cryptographic Function (CPACF) Yes Yes

Note (1): The z14, z13s, z13, zEC12 and zBC12 allow to configure OSA-Express4S and later with OSA/SF in HMC.

Note (2): The Crypto Express5S can be used with a z13, z13s and z14 only. The Crypto Express6S can be used with a z14 only.

Note: z/VSE supports selected functions or modes. For details please refer to the z/VSE Planning manual or to the related announcement letters. Additional PTFs might be required.


z/VSE storage support


IBM Disk Storage Systems Attachment z/VSE V6.1 z/VSE V5.2
IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server model 750, 800 and 800 Turbo ECKD Yes Yes
SCSI (FCP) Yes Yes
IBM System Storage DS6000 series ECKD (1) Yes Yes
SCSI (FCP) Yes Yes
IBM System Storage DS8000 series. This includes the DS8880 family (models DS8884, DS8886 and DS8888) (2,3) ECKD Yes Yes
SCSI (FCP) Yes Yes
IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC), IBM Storwize V7000, IBM Storwize V5000, IBM Storwize V3500, IBM Storwize V3700, IBM FlashSystem V840, IBM FlashSystem V9000 SCSI (FCP) Yes Yes
IBM XIV Storage System SCSI (FCP) Yes Yes
Parallel Access Volume Feature (PAV) ECKD Yes Yes

Note (1): IBM System Storage DS6000 does not offer ESCON connectivity.

Note (2): Full Disk Encryption is supported by z/VSE 4.1 and later.

Note (3): SSD (Solid State Disk) is supported by z/VSE 4.1 and later. For performance considerations refer to the IBM Storage home page.


IBM Tape Storage Systems Controllers z/VSE V6.1 z/VSE V5.2
TS1140 (3592 Model E07) Encryption capable C07, C06 Yes Yes
TS1130 (3592 Model E06) Encryption capable C07, C06 Yes Yes
TS1120 (3592 Model E05) Encryption capable C07, C06, J70 Yes Yes
3592 Model J1A C06, J70 Yes Yes
TS3400 Tape Library (Autoloader) containing up to two TS1120 tape drives C06 Yes Yes
3590 Model H, E and B A50, A60 Yes Yes
3490E A10, A20 Yes Yes
3490 A01, A02 Yes Yes
3480 A22 Yes Yes

Note (4): Additional PTFs are required.


IBM Tape Library Systems Controllers z/VSE V6.1 z/VSE V5.2
TS7680 ProtecTIER Deduplication Gateway C06, tape drives: virtual 3592 J1A Yes Yes
TS7700 Virtualization Engine (5) See info for tape drives. Yes Yes
    Copy Export Function   Yes Yes
    Multi-Cluster Grid Support   Yes Yes
3494 Virtual Tape Server (VTS) See info for tape drives. Yes Yes
TS3500/3584 UltraScalable Tape Library J70, C06 Yes Yes
3494 TotalStorage Tape Library J70, C06, A60 Yes Yes

Note (5): When using the TS7700 tape library with z/VM's VGS (VSE Guest Support) you need to install z/VM APAR VM64657/PTF UM32727 (DFSMS/VM).

Note: For more information about supported devices please see the z/VSE Planning manual.


Concurrent microcode upgrade for IBM System Storage

Please consult your device documentation.

Recommendation for IBM Disk Storage:

(E)CKD disks: z/VSE recommends to shutdown the z/VSE system prior to the microcode upgrade.

FCP-attached SCSI disks: z/VSE does not support concurrent microcode upgrade for FCP-attached SCSI disks.

Recommendation for IBM Tape Storage:

z/VSE with the latest service level supports concurrent microcode upgrade for IBM Tape Storage. z/VSE recommends to take the tape units offline (z/VSE OFFLINE command) prior to the microcode upgrade or use the next maintenance window. Once the upgrade completed, take the tape units online again (z/VSE ONLINE command). Please check with your software vendors (e.g. tape management systems), if they support concurrent microcode upgrade.



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