Latest release: z/VSE Version 5.2 - Overview

z/VSE V5.2 is the newest release of z/VSE and is intended to be the base for future z/VSE enhancements.

This ongoing evolution of z/VSE, together with z/VSE's support of the newest IBM z Systems and IBM Storage technology, is designed to help clients protect their investments in z/VSE, grow their workloads, or consolidate their systems. It demonstrates again IBM's commitment to z/VSE clients.

With the exploitation of z/VSE's 64-bit virtual support, z/VSE V5.2 builds upon the capabilities that were introduced with z/VSE V4 (z/Architecture mode, 64-bit real addressing, more tasks, virtual storage constraint relief) and continued with z/VSE V5.1 (64-bit virtual addressing).

z/VSE V5.2 continues the focus on ease of use, scalability, networking, security, and connectivity between z/VSE and Linux on z Systems.

Enhancements for z/VSE V5.2 include:

z/VSE V5 supports IBM z Systems:

z/VSE Version 5 executes in z/Architecture mode only. z/VSE Version 5 can run in logical partition (LPAR) mode, or as a guest in any supported z/VM release. z/VSE V5.2 is the preferred follow-on VSE product for clients with z/VSE V5.1, z/VSE V4, z/VSE V3, or VSE/ESA installed. Clients may choose to use the Fast Service Upgrade (FSU) process when migrating from z/VSE V4.3 or z/VSE V5.1.

z/VSE V5.2 offers Midrange Workload License Charge (MWLC) pricing metrics, including a subcapacity option, for zEnterprise EC12, zEnterprise 196, System z10, and System z9 servers. IBM offers Advanced Entry Workload License Charge (AEWLC) pricing metrics, including a subcapacity option, for the zBC12 and z114 servers. The entry models (capacity setting A01) of the zBC12, z114, z10 BC, and z9 BC will be priced using zSeries Entry Charge (zELC) for their IBM monthly license charge software.

z/VSE V5.2 is generally available since April 25, 2014.




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There are several products available for z/VSE:


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