Latest release: z/VSE Version 5.1 - Overview

z/VSE Version 5 demonstrates IBM's commitment to z/VSE clients. This new version is another significant step in the ongoing evolution of z/VSE.

z/VSE Version 5 executes in z/Architecture mode only. z/VSE V5.1 can run in LPAR mode, or as a guest in any supported z/VM release. z/VSE V5.1 is the preferred follow-on z/VSE product for clients with z/VSE V4, z/VSE V3, or VSE/ESA installed. Clients may choose to use the Fast Service Upgrade (FSU) process when migrating from z/VSE V4.2 or z/VSE V4.3.

z/VSE V5.1 offers Midrange Workload License Charge (MWLC) pricing metrics, including a subcapacity option, for zEnterprise EC12, zEnterprise 196, System z10, and System z9 servers. The smallest z10 BC and z9 BC server capacity setting, A01, does not qualify for MWLC. Clients using the z10 BC and z9 BC capacity setting A01 will always pay a zSeries Entry License Charge (zELC) for their IBM monthly license charge software. IBM offers Advanced Entry Workload License Charge (AEWLC) pricing metrics for the z114 server. AEWLC including the subcapacity option is also available for the z/VSE operating system. The smallest z114, capacity setting A01, will be priced using zELC.

z/VSE V5.1 is generally available since November 25, 2011.



z/VSE Products

There are several products available for z/VSE:


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