z/VSE V6.2 is available

VM Workshop 2018 (with z/VSE sessions)

Three Months and Counting until the 2018 VM Workshop. Early Bird Special ends May 1. Still looking for presentations that tell your story.

VM Workshop The 2018 VM Workshop will be conducted at the North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA for 2.5 days from about 9 AM on Thursday June 28, until approximately 2 PM on Saturday, June 30. Like the last years, the VM Workshop will include technical sessions about z/VSE, in addition to sessions about z/VM and Linux on IBM Z.

Announcement: IBM DL/I V1.12.1 and IBM z/VSE V6.2 Update

Shortly after the GA of z/VSE V6.2, IBM plans to further extend the capabilities of z/VSE with additional enhancements.

Some of the highlights are:

DL/I VSE V1.12.1

Exploitation of innovative IBM z14 and IBM z14 Model ZR1 technology:

This includes among others:

For a complete description see the announcement letter and the z14 Model ZR1 announcement letter.

IBM z/VSE V6.2 is available

The focus of z/VSE V6.2 is online transaction processing, security, and connectivity to improve the integration of z/VSE in a heterogeneous environment using web-based business solutions.

Together with hardware exploitation, ease-of-use functionality, and support of the latest IBM Z and IBM System Storage technology, z/VSE V6.2 delivers additional functionality that may provide additional benefits to z/VSE clients. It helps clients with growing z/VSE workloads, and allows them to better protect their investments in the z/VSE platform.

The planned availability since December 1, 2017.

These are some highlights of the new z/VSE V6.2 release:

Exploitation of IBM Z and IBM System Storage Technology such as:

CICS Transaction Server for z/VSE V2.2 with:

Security and Connector enhancements:

For more information, please see the announcement letter.

IBM z/VSE Network Appliance is available

The z/VSE Network Appliance (VNA) is an integrated solution, that provides TCP/IP stack functionality for z/VSE systems running in LPAR mode. It builds on the Fast Path to Linux on z Systems function and allows TCP/IP socket applications to access the network without requiring a TCP/IP stack on z/VSE. The z/VSE Network Appliance runs in an IBM Secure Service Container, which was introduced on IBM z13 and IBM z13s servers. VNA can be deployed with the appliance installer in a Secure Service Container LPAR.

Compared to a TCP/IP stack in z/VSE, the z/VSE Network Appliance may support higher TCP/IP traffic throughput and reduce the processing resources in z/VSE. The z/VSE Network Appliance has been available since June 30, 2016 and can be used with z/VSE V5.1, and higher.

For more information and how to obtain the z/VSE Network Appliance package, please see here.

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Future Live Virtual Classes:

The following are candidates for future z/VSE Live Virtual Classes:

Note: All topics are subject to change.

Schedule dates and registration links will be made available about 2 weeks before the individual event.

Additional future topics will be added over time and can also by suggested via Contact z/VSE.

For replays of completed Live Virtual Classes, please see the Education web page.

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    All the functions within Fratelli Carli are managed by the IBM mainframe, in particular through z/VSE.