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Open service requests is a tool to help clients find the right place to open any problem, hardware or software, in any country where IBM does business. This is the starting place when it is not evident where to go to open a service request.

Service Request (SR) tool offers clients online problem management to open, edit and track open and closed PMRs by customer number for all IBM software. Timesaving options: create new PMRs with prefilled demographic fields; describe problems yourself and choose severity; submit PMRs directly to correct support queue; attach troubleshooting files directly to PMR; receive alerts when IBM updates PMR; view reports on open and closed PMRs.

You can find information about assistance for SR at

IBMLink - SoftwareXcel support contracts offer clients on the System z platform the IBMLink online problem management tool to open problem records and ask usage questions on System z software products. You can open, track, update, and close a defect or problem record; order corrective/preventive/toleration maintenance; search for known problems or technical support information: track applicable problem reports: receive alerts on high impact problems and fixes in error; and view planning information for new releases and preventive maintenance.

Contact via phone

If you have an active service contract maintenance agreement with IBM , or are covered by Program Services, you may contact customer support teams via telephone. For individual countries, please visit the Technical Support section of the IBM Directory of worldwide contacts.

To contact your local IBM Sales team, please also visit the IBM Directory of worldwide contacts.

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