XML Toolkit for z/OS V1.9 download information

Downloads, Prerequisites, and Corequisites

Note : The SMP/E download package is over 300 MB in size. It will take a significant amount of time to download. It is also available on tape through standard ordering channels, or via CBPDO on ShopzSeries.

The SMP/E download package is recommended by IBM as the standard formal product installation. The three releases of the XML Toolkit contained within this package (V1.9, V1.8, and V1.7) are available through a single download. Toolkit releases are not upwardly compatible.

Note that the XML Toolkit may already be used by existing applications or be required for another product on your system. Before attempting any download, you should check that the XML Toolkit release that you need is not already available on your system or in your ServerPac as a prerequisite to another product or customer application.

If you need an SMP/E install or require the XML Toolkit for z/OS V1.7, V1.8, or V1.9 as a prerequisite or corequisite to another product :

  1. Go to the XML Toolkit for z/OS download site and download the following V1.9 package files :
    • Toolkit.pax.Z
    The V1.9 download package contains V1.7, V1.8, and V1.9 installations.
  2. Refer to the V1.9 Program Directory for installation information. The default installation will install all releases that are not already present on your system. If you need to omit a particular release, see the V1.9 Program Directory for instructions on modifying the job.

Note : If you are a developer seeking individual components of the XML Toolkit without the SMP/E installation, please go to the non-SMP/E download page.


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