XML Toolkit for z/OS, non-SMP/E download information page

non-SMP/E Downloads

The non-SMP/E downloads are offered as an alternative to developers seeking individual components of the XML Toolkit without the SMP/E installation. They are separated by component and release level, with approximate file size, as follows :

Component V1.10 Files V1.9 Files V1.8 Files
XML Parser, C++ Edition ixmc570b.oa52092.pax (80.4 MB) ixmc560b.oa27669.pax (71.7 MB) ixmc550b.oa27669.pax (67.0 MB)
XSLT Processor, C++ Edition ixmcx21b.oa52269.pax (56.1 MB) ixmcx20b.oa19592.pax (46.0 MB) ixmcx19b.OA12328.pax (39.25 MB)

For full installation instructions, see :