Here is where you should look if you have a problem. You will see information and hot links to help you trouble shoot your problem. If all else fails, at this site you can report your problem. On this web page, you will find:

Service Summaries

The service summaries for Java 2 Technology Edition

contain the following information:

Problem checklist

When you have a problem, make sure you have verified the following information on your system:

Known problems

A first place to look for information on known problems is Hints and Tips.

The IBM service process

The IBM Service Process includes information about the service team, severity definitions, service terms and how to report a problem to IBM

Report a Problem

If you have not been able to solve your problem with any of the prior information, report it to IBM.

Specific APARs

This section will contain information about APARs that may be of interest to specific Java customers.


  1. Level 2 may be contacted for questions.
  2. Non-SMP/E Java SRs can be downloaded from this website.
  3. Equivalent SMP/E Java SRs (PTFs) are available through normal service channels.
  4. The table will include an SRx if already available or iFix number if one is available.

APAR# If EKM related, EKM Build date SDK 1.4.2 Comments
PK92949 20090728 SR13 FP1 PTF UK49000 EKM version level is 2.1
APAR# If EKM related, EKM Build date SDK 5.0 Comments
PK91160 31-bit 20090707 SR10 PTF UK48410 EKM version level is 2.1
PK91161 64-bit 20090707 SR10 PTF UK48412 EKM version level is 2.1
APAR# If EKM related, EKM Build date SDK 6.0 Comments
PK89217 31-bit 20090604 SR5 PTF UK47666 EKM version level is 2.1
PK89215 64-bit 20090604 SR5 PTF UK47664 EKM version level is 2.1

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