Service summary - IBM 64-bit SDK for z/OS, Java Technology Edition, V7R1

(Updated January 2015)

The following tables describe:

We recommend that you have the latest service level to take advantage of improved service, performance, and stability.

Note: Since the product is serviced with a full-product replace, the latest non-SMP/E code obtainable from the Web contains all previous fixes and is the only code that needs to be installed. All SMP/E service levels can be ordered from IBM on tape. If installing the SMP/E version of a PTF, the SMP/E base must be installed first.

Service summary for SDK V7R1
Build Date returned when "java -version" is issued. PTF Number What is the Oracle SDK level of this code? Can this code be downloaded from this WEB site?
December 18, 2014 UI24757
SR2 FP10
Java SE7 Yes
October 26, 2014 UI22883
Java SE7 Yes
July 08, 2014 UI19911
Java SE7 Yes
April 11, 2014 UI17778
Java SE7 Yes
November 15, 2013 None, GA Java SE 7 Yes

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