Overview of z/OS Security Services in Java

(last updated February, 2005)

Java for z/OS SAF interfaces (formerly known as Security Services) provide an additional set of security APIs.

These APIs are implemented through Java classes wrapping z/OS UNIX Services. The z/OS UNIX Services are in turn handled by a Security Server for z/OS that implements SAF interfaces (such as RACF).

The initial set of services first released provided access to a basic set of existing OS/390 UNIX APIs. These APIs are required to implement principal based access control in a Java application, for example, an application that implements a Java SecurityManager class. Applications that use these APIs do not have to be APF authorized.

The classes provided in this release are:

These methods of these new classes allow a Java application to:

For more information about security services SAFdocs.jar (JAR, 28.4 KB) click here

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